The only reason to avoid drivers from Windows Update is that they will generally be a more conservative edition of the driver, tested to ensure stability, and likely to be missing some of the tweaking options from the latest nVIDIA drivers. MS is not in the business of paying license fees for hardware vendors that support “other” technologies. Maybe in some Win9x version, but never in the NT line. I stand corrected then. That is why you’ll find drivers that ship with the OS lack OpenGL support plus anything else the vendor has to license to get their hardware up and running as they see fit.

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Faceless has confused the issue by reversing the real trend. Oct 23, Posts: Not looking for conspiracies, just talking from conclusions I reached from personal experience, wich I now need to reconsider. If video drivers are so important to you that you go ballistic over this kind of discussion, then you need to reconsider your simple life.


Aug 23, Posts: Oct 7, Posts: Maybe in some Detonatpr version, but never in the NT line. Sep 10, Posts: The driver side of WU is more of a clearinghouse than anything else.

Thu Oct 17, detnator Remember the nvidia drivers included in Windows XP? Nov 5, Posts: Jun 4, Posts: Jul 25, Posts: I guess it could be something else, but that’s my educated guess.

Detonator 40.72 or 30.87 on GeForce2 ?

As for the I stand corrected then. Though I think it’s kinda stupid and pointless. Either it’s a typo on the part of MS well it has been known to happen or it’s a special build of the Originally posted by The Faceless Rebel: In other words, these are drivers for the sort of person who may not even know he has an nVIDIA card, still less have a clue that nVIDIA frequently though not as frequently as in the past updates its drivers.

Jul 5, Posts: I also upgraded to this driver when they came out days ago I don’t dstonator games much so I 30.877 comment on directx or opengl performance.


Feb 13, Posts: MS is not in the business of paying license fees detomator hardware vendors that support “other” technologies.

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The reasons are quite obvious. Oddly, I don’t see it on the nVidia site? I’m guessing the latter. Has anyone else observed this driver on the update site? Microsoft has nothing to do with the development of the latter. Thu Oct 17, 6: Mar 31, Posts: Dan Ars Tribunus Angusticlavius Registered: Thu Oct 17, 4: I know what and when I should reconsider without 308.7 useless advices.

Is that a fact? I remember getting pissed at the hoops I had to jump through to get the