Fine for normal office use I would say, but personally I would prefer to have seen a little more flexibility. The problem with analog signals is that the image ends up being converted twice – digital-to-analog and analog-to-digital – en route from your graphics card to your display, which can reduce overall image clarity. One of the main considerations when choosing a screen for watching movies and video are the viewing angles. As a reminder, the above images show best case left and worst case right images taken from a large selection of camera shots. Pros Cons Well priced Limited ergonomics, with only a basic tilt function Good colour accuracy even without calibration Basic design and no added features Good panel uniformity. I set the the ALW to x since my video card does not support x It had the best image of the monitors on display.

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Higher-quality LCDs will usually allow for tilt, swivel, rotate, and height adjustments. The inch UltraSharp UD monitor performs well, wl2216 don’t overpay for it. They said go to my vendor for new drivers.

I don’t need speakers, I can use a book to raise the height and the monitor rotates left and right on the desk and that is OK with me. I figured I could upgrade the driver from the CD or online. However, pressing the ‘menu’ button again having selected al216 “user” setting brought up access to the RGB levels.

Once you have used the “auto” adjust mode when using VGA, I’d say it would be pretty hard to tell much, if any, difference between the two interfaces.


Acer AL2216W: a worthwhile compromise?

For instance, tilting the screen was a little stiff, and the base did not offer the weight and support of some other models. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. As already mentioned, other than a reasonable amount of tilt, the base stand acef not provide any adjustment options.

Click to enlarge Here you can see the tilt mechanism in full swing. So the choice for me was 22 inch wide screen.

I guess I am going to have to buy a new graphics card which supports x In other words, the hight of a 19 Gamma was nearly at the default 2. That obviously creates a problem for some people when playing games which do not support widescreen format, axer if using any external devices which cannot control aspect ratio themselves.

Product support

So the choice for me was 22 inch wide screen. A variety of information is also available on the web site to help answer questions, but unfortunately we have to say that the Acer web site can be extremely sluggish.

So the choice for me was 22 inch wide screen. In standby mode it glows stronger strangely!

Does anyone know a way to open a file with a. If you use the digital connection, you don’t have to worry about issues with screen centering or scaling, and you’re guaranteed the a2216 possible image.

I am very pleased with the whole package. Compare These Samsung CF The lack of rotate and swivel options aren’t a big concern, but depending xl2216 the location of the LCD the lack of a height adjustment option can be a problem. When I asked if they had any Acer monitors I was told they did not know, but they did not think so. The power LED glows green during use and is fairly dim and avoids distraction.


In our usual testing process I al22166 an all sl2216 screen in a darkened room, which allowed me to test the uniformity of the panel and to examine whether any backlight bleed was evident. I asked about the return and they said I had 14 days. I told him I wanted to see the box and check out the specs.

However, despite sparing on ergonomics and add-ons, Acer have clearly not scrimped on other important areas. Click to enlarge The rear of the display is pretty nondescript, with the VESA wall mount and model information occupying the center area and the input and power connections facing downward towards the bottom of the panel.

I sent e-mails to Matrox and Acer. The inch Samsung CF aer a great size for gaming, pairs well with midrange Radeon In other words, the hight of a 19 If you are serious about gaming, these technologies may well help bridge that gap. The 22 inch wide screen is taller than my old 19 inch CRT.