Originals and copy orientation You can select the orientation. Select the file you want to delete by pressing it. The Changing default settings following example describes how to make settings for the WordPad appli Notes Some illustrations in this manual might be slightly different from the machine. Doing so may result in Press to activate the machine. Open the upper right cover. Staple printing has been can- Check the paper feed direc- celed.

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The following table shows staple positions: B Press the key for the border you want to change, and then set the erase border width us- n ] and [o o ].

For details about optional products, see p.

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The inquiry function lets you check the telephone numbers to contact for repairs or ordering toner. Clean these parts Cover if they are dirty. Use dwc key to adjust and register col- ours. There are two methods of enter- ing a subject: To confirm which model you have, see the inside front cover. Copying Border Erase Selecting [Diff.

Ricoh DSc332 Operating Instructions Manual

Appendix Staple With the optional finisher installed, sets can be stapled individually when print- ing multiple sets. B Select a text, and then press [OK].


Indicates a potentially hazardous afficio which, if instructions are not followed, could result in death or serious injury. Copier Functions Staple Individual copy sets can be stapled.

Sample print15 deleting17 Slip Sheets68 Specifications afici, 72 Spool printing62 Staple54 System47 Troubleshooting25 error messages25 machine does not print30 other printing problems34 status messages25 USB2. The top page appears on the Web browser.

DSc/DSc/DSc download page

Copier Functions Punch You can make punch holes in copies. Reference For details about the type of finisher, see p. Holding the toner cartridge 4. TX] or [Memory TX]. Insufficient memory or memo- Specify correct memory capac- ry settings for the printer driv- ity on the [Change Accesso- er may not match fsc ries Cancels entered numbers or characters. If the size of the original is different from sizes listed in the following chart, the erased margin might be shifted: To group destinations, the groups must be registered beforehand.

You can also store the colour balance Reference setting in memory and recall it when For types and examples of the im- you want to use it. The copying screen is displayed as default after power on.


Otherwise a fire or an elec- tric shock might occur. For related default settings, see p. When using all printer driver functions, use Windows Server in normal mode. You can aricio or specify an item by lightly pressing them.

Gestetner Aficio DSC

Changing the Paper Size F F F F Square the paper, and then load it If you load a paper size that is in the tray with the copying face not selected automatically down. If this happens, remove the copies from the shift tray, and then resume copy- ing.

Hold the green upper part of seal A A A Aand then slowly peel the fuser oil unit. For particular functions, see the relevant parts of the manual. Earth Leakage Breaker To prevent electric shock this ma- Important chine has dc earth leakage breaker. Push the cartridge 4.

The following table shows punch positions: