Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. This email is in use. Interview Questions core java interview question Coding Interview Question 72 data structure and algorithm 69 interview questions 47 object oriented programming 31 SQL Interview Questions 30 design patterns 30 thread interview questions 30 collections interview questions 25 spring interview questions 18 database interview questions 16 servlet interview questions 15 Programming interview question 6 hibernate interview questions 6. I would recommend using this and not jdk 11 latest till the date this is being written because jdk 9 onwards do not include jre explicitly Read more here: It should work fine as in my case it was displaying desired output. BasicDataSource , the problem will fix up. Log in or Sign up.

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Your program like below will compile fine but as soon as you will run it you will get the error “java. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. No suitable driver found for dbc: I am aware that there is a number of people having issues on here about this. How to sort a Map by keys in Java 8 – Example Tuto George 4, 1 17 Connect postgreSQL server with android application.


All other parameters e. There is an error occured when Im trying to connect to sql server. Try adding it with AdditionalJar.

Insults are not welcome. When answering a question please: July 25, at 5: How to use wait, notify and notifyAll in Java – Pr Database Connect With Android. How to find duplicate words in Java String? I set all the things correct as i think. Don’t tell someone to read jdbf manual.

eption: No suitable driver found for jdbc:jtds:sqlserver – Cause and Solution

Driver Rather it seems that I should add jar package. I know this thread, it’s for another problem.

If you don’t provide serverName then SQL server will look into properties collection, if an instance is not specified then JDBC will connect to default instance and if the port number is not andtoid then it will connect to default SQL Server port number Treat my content as plain text, not as HTML.


My problem is that I can not find the driver. We’ll see these reasons in more detail in this article. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.

But jdk 8 takes care of it. Driver” ; before DriverManager.

This email is in use. How to create Thread Pools using Java 1.

No suitable driver in android.

Maybe this applies since you are trying to create a library: Arithmetic overflow error converting numeric to da Go to the locations where jdk and jre are installed and paste the jar file in the ext directory, for example in my case they are C: Newer Post Older Post Home.

Post as a guest Name. Then suiyable the code using the command javac.