Send a private message to bluzkat. So these are old interfaces. Anyway the best of success to you, VRW. Knowing Avid, I’d suspect it to have some kind of hardware detection built-in to limit the use to their driver. After about an hour, he got to a point where my PC was recognizing the driver and everything seemed to be installed correctly. I was hopeful that someone here had a duet that they could plug into a windows box and see what would happen I thought with asio4all you didn’t need any factory drivers?

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Loudness Meter – different readings. All the best again! The only reason I’m considering aoogee the seller send me another unit is because since the Quartet did nearly the same thing with my Mac AND PC, maybe it is the unit??? I have had the Apogee version of the Quartet for 3 years just replaced it with a more mobile interface recently and it simply was great.

Originally Posted by VRW. Originally Posted by musmin Thanks! Find all posts by Amack. This was PITA as the buffer stuck at samples which is way too high for tracking.

It actually goes back to when Apogee was a Digidesign partner and they fell out. Silicon Valley, CA Posts: Send a private message to bluzkat. When I run the updater per the instructionsit tells me over and over that I need to connect the Quartet.


The Apogee Duet 2 is Mac only.

Apogee finally releases Windows drivers for its (old) audio interfaces –

As a Windows user, I have long coveted Apogee products. The Avid offering is very recent, so I doubt you’ll find someone on here who has experience with it.

Last edited by Amack; at According to the press release, the second generation ONE black will also be compatible. When I went into my PC’s Sound Control Panel, the Quartet wasn’t there, and it had a little ‘x’ over the speaker in the lower right-hand corner dock.

Either way, its cool to see that they are branching out. The software will be available in November What’s different from the avid driver and asio4all?

Unfortunately not so the Avid side which means all drivers and software of the Avid versions of the Duet duey Quartet. Maybe jeffro can get them removed when he gets some of the Fast Tracks added!

Apogee finally releases Windows drivers for its (old) audio interfaces

Thank-you for thinking of us Windows users and letting us into your high-quality world of audio. That seemed to work a little better — still no sound — but at least the Quartet was being recognized by my PC. There is almost no signal of life through the Quartet. He told me to keep him in the loop once i got a hold of Avid support. Thanks for the input. If you are interested in this, you may just search for yourself or ask more knowledgeable guys than myself about it.


So, if I did hold on to it, would I be able to use the Quartet at least with my Mac by downloading Maestro? Send a private message to mike8luk. Things have just once again gone full circle and they are expanding their offerings to accommodate their business needs. They are right apogeee my street in terms of form factor and functionality.

Windows 10 Compatibility for Apogee ONE, Duet and Quartet Audio Interfaces

Apple is not supporting the pros. With the stock drivers and control panel version 1. However, every once in awhile that ‘x’ would appear over the speaker icon in the corner and I would have to unplug and plug the Quartet USB back in.