The wedge is located directly behind the slot for the screen. You install this card into the PC slot and get a new Eithernet port instead. One thing I noticed is that the stock ZIF cable copperish is thiner than a generic one blue ribbon , because I can not insert the generic cable to the stock Toshiba HDD too tight but the built-in cable can. If yes, does this one work. Not sure where to buy it in Dubai but you can try eBay. Lenovo Thinkpad sl Thank you for any assistance.

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Is it possible to replace the port? Thank you for your time! Acer Aspire G Looking for something that does. Creative Zen Nano Firmware!

Pegasus VC5U webcam Vista driver? Can I replace the port?

Real shame as well as the shop here in Japan refuses to refund it! Paulo S November 8, Hi! Where can one buy the parts?


I wanted to do a keyboard swap with the regular US version and I managed to disassemble the keyboard using your instructions.

It is really very simple with a tool such as this. We ordered a new one and put it in. Sony In this guide I explain how to disassemble Sony Vaio TZ series laptops in order to remove and replace the hard drive.

The connection to the 1. Mika May 9, Thank you so much for this post. However, it was not as detail as yours and carelessly, I have torn the keyboard cable!

Ancient history – wwx

Must be an internal problem. Thanks for your help. Quite frankly, these less than GB hard drives for small notebooks are driving me nuts!

Do you know if there is any known problem with that hard disk?

Güncel Driver / BIOS / Firmware Bölüm İndexi []

But, my key still doesn’t work properly. Can you can help me? E the black ZIF lever is visible when the drive is installed. Can anyone expand on this?


Sony does not appear to want to give any of this info to me. Just in case, enter the BIOS setup menu, asuz default settings and save it. Creative sb emu10k1-jff 5. One thing to take special notice of: Bcm Gigabyte Ethernet Driver!!! Sony AW-GA dvd-rw var cd leri okuyor fakat dvd leri okumuyor I am leaning towards Corsair brand. Please make sure your TS laptop key retainer hinge clip match up Koskoca forumda sunu bulan yokmu?? Do I need to update something?