Step through the instructions by clicking the Next button at the bottom, agreeing to the software license agreement terms and defining the folder where the QuickUSB software should be installed Fig. The syntax of sending this command is:. The command id Fig. The archive contains version released on of the driver. On power-up the system configures all components to default values, see Appendix 1: Both the source and destination addresses have the same address format, as shown in Fig. You can select additional options such as the ModelSim-Altera Edition simulation tools , but they are not required to run OpenPET and they will lengthen the download time.

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It might be desirable to to use static ARP in order to reduce unneeded broadcasts on your data acquisition port.

If your UAC User Access Control is enabled please confirm the installation of the driver and run the setup with administrative rights.

These drivers are automatically copied to the drivers folder within the Altera folder during the installation described in the previous section. You will be prompted to install the driver the first time the USB-Blaster cable is plugged in.

This driver is not digitally signed. The time now is Acquire scope data for 10 seconds, data will bitise saved in an autogenerated file name.

In scope mode, each DB outputs a block of data sequentially as shown in Fig. You may need to feed each screw through the power cable lug nut before attaching it to the Support Board, since the lug nuts fit tightly. The syntax of sending this command is: See Commands chapter for further details. Specifically, board plugs into the left column of pins on the connector which is marked main, 58, 62, 65, Then you should make sure that the components selected for installation are correct e.


If not, then create an bitsise using your email address and complete the account registration information.

Bitwise Systems QuickUSB QUSB2 Module Unprogrammed how to download and install the driver

The destination address is a bit number that identifies where the response should be received and processed.

Short circuit protection in PCB design 5. More detailed instructions are provided in the following sections. This download link is for the driver version dated The developer of this driver was Bitwise Systems.

Bbitwise uses the default firmware model i.

Download and install Bitwise Systems QuickUSB QUSB2 Module – driver id

Browse and select the setup executable for the QuickUSB software e. Please support our project by allowing our site to show ads.

OpenPET also supports the capability of using Ethernet to configure and gather data from the system. Packet id is used to verify packets received at a parent as well as identify, validate, and confirm the integrity of the packets in the data path.


Bitwise Systems – Home

More information on diagnostic testing is also available in Appendix 2: Finally you need to plug the custom small jumper board into the back of the Support Board. However, it needs to be installed at first use. Plug-in at least one detector board to the VME chassis and insert it in slot address 3 quickus Detector Board will respond systemss any broadcast command with the destination address assigned to it in the example.

Click on the top right Configure button and navigate to the Advanced tab Fig. Select Internet Protocol version 4. The executable openpet is used to control and configure the system. IEE Floating Point addition 7.

Driver for Bitwise Systems QuickUSB QUSB2 Module – downloading and installing it

The installation takes a few minutes and a status bar shows the progress. Baseline is computed as the wystems average of samples located between [0 to B] as shown in Fig. The openpet executable is also used for acquiring data after the system has been correctly initialized. The first data block data entires the queue, will be send to the main FPGA first.