Categories bluetooth car kits 3 bluetooth dongel 2 bluetooth headsets 3 iphone 3g accessories 30 iphone 3g cases 10 ipod accessories 3. Please note that ttyUSB0 is case sensitive. Not sure what else to try so suggestions welcome. I have done a system restore to before the drivers installed. Setting up a usb gps dongle Tue Jun 19, 8:

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Technical Specifications Bluetooth specification: Please note that ttyUSB0 is case sensitive. I used “sudo dpkg-reconfigure gpsd” to reconfigure gpsd which modifies the configuration file. I haven’t tried installing gpsd as it didn’t seem worth it if I can’t read any strings of meaningful data from the device directly.

How do you manually install the G for Vista. I’ve tried using stty to configure and cat to read from the port.

This dongle should without a doubt work properly in Linux, so I’m not sure what to tell you. As it is turning on it is briefly red continuously.

BlueNext BN WD54G + Belkin F5D7050 wireless usb adapter drivers for Vista 64 Bit

Setting up a usb gps dongle Tue Jun 19, 7: It took a lot of time to find this simple trick and even the syntax wasn’t easy to get right. By the way, mine is set up at bluenexxt My unit has an LED which can be red, yellow, or green.


GameSlurp The friendly community isb gamers. Please direct all questions to the forum, I do not do support via PM. Will try it out and get back to the forum when I return. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The only thing I can suggest is that maybe blluenext combinations of usb? So, do I need to get a BT adapter to get the dongle to work?

Setting up a usb gps dongle Sun Jun 17, 7: I am surprised XP didn’t load the 2. I think it bleunext the x86 drivers, because the program was installed to Program Files x86not the regular program files.

Setting up a usb gps dongle Sat Jun 16, 3: Are you sure it isn’t getting detected or the driver is already installed. If you plug the GPS dongle in after it has rebooted it autostarts.

Bluehext find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The next step is to check you are getting useful GPS data out of the hardware. The command lines I used were: However I have a suspicion that the relevant config file needs to be edited to enable the wired option and again without telnet access to the radio you are stymied.


The same dongle works perfectly under various Windows installations. I’ve found that it is sending bursts of data every second or so but all the data is zero i. Luckily for you I have done the hunting around for you!

BlueNEXT BN01 Bluetooth USB Adapter V EDR | eBay

This is a useful test client that uses the gpsd server and which returns a map of satellites, coordinates, and information about the GPS fix. Setting up a bluwnext gps dongle Sat Jun 16, I would get the latest drivers for your motherboard first, and maybe update to SP1 too. Opening up the bluenexr has allowed me to remove my old faulty dongle, I know it’s faulty because I plugged it into a p.