Wed Jan 27, 2: This option allows data to be inserted into a print job. You can also change settings by clicking the illustration on the left side of the Basic tab in the Properties dialog box. I’m unsure how that applies to the wireless ink-jets out there if you wanted to print wirelessly. Specifies the format of the time.

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This will save time and increase printing speed for often used information such as forms, company logos, letterhead formats or invoices. I print from everything from Word to Indesign and even sometimes print in Black and white from Lightroom and it works perfectly. It seems to me that you can get generic yl-2040 with almost any printer.

Otherwise, fast and reliable. I had a Lexmark previously that worked well, but Lexmark abandons driver support obnoxiously quickly, so no more Lexmarks for me. Never installed a driver, it just worked. You can reprint a document without sending the data again from your PC. Pressing the Go button will also wake up the brothee.


The Brothers are solid printers. Sleep mode can be turned off. Set the Pages per SheetLayout direction and Border.

I had a Brother laser printer that got damaged when I moved apartments. Selecting the Auto button will allow automatic printing with the most suitable print settings for your print job.

When the image is very complicated and the printer has to wait to process the image before printing, use this function.

Tue Jan 26, 8: Aug 27, Posts: Increase or decrease the print density. This option allows data to be inserted into a print job.

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Lock the scaling setting as shown below. I haven’t had good luck with their SO-HO offerings. Dec 21, Posts: Page Protection refers to a setting that reserves additional memory for the creation of full page images. Change the tab settings by clicking the following icons: Brother HLW 14 posts. Specifies the format of the time. Its the feature set beyond that which is troublesome when hl2-040 specific drivers no longer work in an updated OS.


You can also download the latest printer driver for all of the following operating systems from the Brother Solutions Center at http: I’d particularly recommend the Brother over the personal HP gear, if only to avoid the other programs HP tries to foist off on me. Select the resolution, toner save mode and print settings or gray printing setting. I’d btother recommend it.

Brother HL-2040 Printer PCL Driver

When you specify the Pages per sheet, you can also specify the direction of the layout. You can jump to the page for each Printer Function by clicking the function name in the list below. Any other brands I should consider? Jan 9, Posts: Wed Jan 27, 1: Oct 27, Posts: