Conclusion When we reviewed the Olympus C Zoom, we found it to be a very worthy successor to the earlier 2 megapixel C Zoom. Exposure-wise, we appreciate the degree of control the C provides. You can also record small “sound bites” to accompany images both in Record and Playback modes. Total of 5 resolution modes, with uncompressed TIFF format available in all. SQ1 high x low compression 24 or more: Whether you’re entering the market for the first time, or upgrading from an earlier model though, the C Zoom presents a wealth of features and capabilities, and excellent image quality in the bargain.

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Looked like it was almost new. I have taken thousands of pictures with my first c and have no doubt I will have the same result with the one I just purchased on ebay. Manufacturer Overview With zzoom of the broadest digicam lineups in the industry, Olympus is a traditional camera manufacturer who’s successfully making the transition to the digital era.

The huge variety of resolution modes is more than you will ever need but is a great assest. In normal sequence mode, the camera focuses and calculates camedua and white balance once, as soon as the shutter button is pressed.

zopm The “digital zoom” options on all digicams simply crop into the CCD array to reduce the angle of view. When it comes to cycle times, we were surprised to find the C Zoom as responsive as it was. I know I have only scratched the surface of this cameras capabilities. White balance is another area where we have a request to make of Olympus: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. However, in Playback mode, functions like Delete, Write Protect and Print can now be controlled by pressing a single button previously requiring use of the menu system.


Unless you need the super-fast cycle time of the C Zoom, the C should be an easy choice in the current 3 megapixel marketplace. The screen shot at right shows the focusing scale in manual focus mode.

Olympus C-3000 Zoom

Questions, comments or controversy on this product? They subsequently upgrade it with the C Zoom, a model offering improved functionality and user interface design.

Battery charging time for flash. We also shot at the 2x digital telephoto setting our studio wasn’t long enough to accommodate the full 2. Movie recording with sound, up to 60 seconds in SQ x mode. Images taken of blue subjects will be unsuitable for use at the full 3.

In Aperture and Shutter Priority modes, the aperture or shutter value appears continuously, along with the exposure compensation setting, while the second, automatically determined exposure value either shutter speed or f-stop appears whenever the shutter button is half pressed, triggering the autofocus and autoexposure systems. It camrdia a little slow but at least you can download your images on anyones computer. We were very happy to see the continuance of the distance xoom that appears on acmedia LCD when using manual focus, as it greatly helps ccamedia hard to focus situations.

Images are saved individually and can then be assembled on a computer after they’ve been downloaded.

C Zoom &gt Product Manuals

These range numbers may be correct in outdoor conditions, with lots of stray IR from the sun bouncing around: SQ2 normal x std. At low resolution though, we found the timing to be very consistent.


They thus make an absolutely excellent backup c3-000 source that’ll always be ready when you need it. The camera features F-Stop settings ranging from F2.

Olympus CAMEDIA C Zoom MP Digital Camera | eBay

This appears to be physically the same lens as in the C Zoom, with the wider-angle coverage being due to the larger size of the ‘s C-30000 sensor. It does this by displaying what it believes the over- or under-exposure to be using the digits on the LCD screen that normally indicate exposure compensation in automatic exposure modes.

Vamedia small information display reports many of the camera’s exposure settings, but you still need to rely on the LCD for exposure compensation adjustments, aperture, and shutter settings. Optional manual focus with distance readout on LCD screen. It does not support RAW image format. The resulting unit competes very strongly on a feature-for-feature basis with the best of the current 3-megapixel digicam lineup from other manufacturers, but carries a list price well below even the most aggressive competitors.

Olympus CAMEDIA C-3000 Zoom 3.3MP Digital Camera

Once you’re focused, you can back the lens off to frame the picture accordingly. What’s Different With the C Zoom?

This is a very nice feature, and really increases its usefulness.