Circles or ellipses containing representations of animals, parts of animals’ bodies or plants. Containers, plates or dishes containing food or drink. Class 41 3 Education services, namely, conducting symposia, forums, workshops, conferences and other classes in the field of physics; providing online publications in the nature of articles, texts, figures, photographs and scientific research in the field of physics; publication services, namely, publication of text, figures, photographs, and graphic works of others online and in print in the field of physics; online publication of journals in the field of physics; providing an online searchable database of online archived journals in connection therewith; publication of printed matters, namely, articles, texts, figures, photographs, scientific research, and other printed materials in the field of physics; digital video, audio and multimedia publishing services; online library services, namely, providing an online searchable database of online archived research articles, research letters and review articles in connection therewith. Class 09 2 Software for use with computers and mobile devices for capturing, combining and analyzing of data, namely recipes, nutritional content, shopping lists, videos and information in the field of food preparation and healthy baby food; downloadable cloud-based digital healthcare computer software platforms for use with computers and mobile devices for facilitating the capturing, combining and analyzing of data, namely recipes, nutritional content, shopping lists, videos and information in the field of food preparation and healthy baby food. SERVICES Class 42 Design and development of computer hardware and software; Computer software design, computer programming, and maintenance of computer software; Creating and maintaining web sites for others; Rental of computers; Rental of web servers.

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Homeopathic preparations wlg-11500a relieving temporary symptoms of fatigue and mental stress. The mark consists of a red, wavy banner with a border along the bottom that is yellow and orange.

Class 44 3 Audiology services; medical advisory services for persons relating to restricted hearing capacity; services in audiological diagnosis; medical services, namely, hearing aid services; health care services for persons with restricted hearing capacity; hospital services; medical clinic services.

Class 28 3 Sports equipment, namely, athletic supporters, exercise bands, weightlifting belts with a sensor for tracking a motion, activity.

Other flowers, blossoms — Notes: Class 38 4 Providing multiple users access to information, data, communications, content, products and services via a global network and wireless communications devices; electronic transmission of data and documents via computer terminals over a global network and wireless communications devices, namely, the provision and dissemination of information in the field of computers, computer services, computer software, information technology and electronic business transactions via a global computer network; teleconferencing and web conferencing services; providing multiple users access to global computer information networks for the transfer and dissemination of a wide range of information; providing on-line forums for transmission of messages among computer users; providing private and secure real time electronic communication over a computer network; providing technical support services regarding the usage of communications equipment.


Class 30 2 coffee, tea, coffee substitutes, coffee of all types, namely roasted coffee, ground coffee, instant coffee, coffee extracts, beverages with coffee, cocoa, chocolate or tea base, coffee flavorings, iced tea, coffee based beverages with milk, coffee capsules and pods, coffee-based extracts, flavorings and essences, excluding essential oils, artificial coffee, unroasted coffee. Text is all in black, crescent moon in green, maple leaf in red. Several circles or ellipses, juxtaposed, tangential or intersecting.

Goods Rice; rice-based snack food; Unprocessed rice; seeds for agriculture, natural plants and flowers. Image Description Vienna Banderoles, cartouches.

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SERVICES Educational and business training services, namely, conducting boot camps, presentations, panel discussions and workshops in the field of developing and growing a new business and providing coaching, training, workshops and programs for the purpose of assisting women entrepreneurs with developing and growing new businesses; mentoring by retail professionals in the field of developing, operating and growing a company in the beauty business.

Terrestrial globes with other figurative elements. Homeopathic preparations for relieving insomnia symptoms due to mental stress.

Goods Class 16 1 general purpose plastic bags for household use, reusable vacuum sealable plastic storage bags c, household use. Goods Class 07 Propulsion systems for aeronautic vehicles as well as their components and spare wlg-1500x, namely engines, turbines, pumps, thrusters, jet engines, nacelles, thrust reversers, engine air inlets, blower housing, tail cone assembly.

Goods Class 09 Computer software that tracks the life cycle of physical assets in the field of asset intensive industries such as oil and gas, utilities, mining, transportation marine, air, rail, vehicles. Arrows forming any other geometrical figure. The diamond appearing to the left of the text is made of four diamonds.


Class 41 5 Educational services, namely, providing conferences, exhibitions, symposiums, presentations, technical demonstrations and training seminars, all in the field of information technology and computer products and services. Class 16 3 Printed scientific serials and journals in the field of physics; printed scientific serials featuring topics and developments in the field of physics.

The word ‘Potato’ is brown and the term ‘Joe’ is black. Goods Class 09 1 electronic legal publications; electronic newsletters. Goods Uninterruptible power supplies for Telecommunications equipment, industrial equipment, Commercial IT equipment, oil and gas equipment, and manufacturing process equipment. Class 37 2 advisory services relating to building construction materials; building construction supervision; building construction; building construction advisory services; building construction consultancy; building construction supervision; building project management building construction supervision ; providing information, including online, about building construction, and repair and installation services; provision of information in relation to building construction; supervision of building construction 3 building construction.

Goods chicken; pre-cut vegetable salad; cheese; prepared pizza, hot and cold sandwiches, bread sticks, fresh baked dumpling-like dough balls, and prepared pasta entrees made to order for consumption on or off the premises; bakery desserts namely cake, brownies and pastries; dried pepper spice for use as seasoning.

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Image Description Vienna Letters presenting a special form of writing. Goods Class 24 1 Towels, namely gym, sport, fitness, workout and exercise towels. Image Description Vienna Rhombs or squares standing on one of the corners thereof. Class 25 2 t-shirts.

Surfaces or backgrounds covered with circles or ellipses. Colour is claimed as a feature of the trade-mark. SERVICES 1 advertising the goods and services of others; business management; business administration; marketing services in the field of arranging for the distribution of the products of others, market research and providing business marketing information for others, promotion of goods and services for third parties via computer and communication networks; arranging contracts for the buying and selling of goods through an online computer network.

Image Description Vienna One triangle. More than four leaves, scattered leaves, bunches of leaves — Note: Several flowers except 5.