If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. I love touchpads , and it killed me to have a crappily implemented one. Yupe finally got my after 3. I saw this post from several years ago. It basically runs your Windows XP apps in a virtual machine. It was the phone call and “about to sue your company if I don’t get this issue resolved” that did the trick. I’d like to start off by saying congrats!

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The resulting Windows Experience benchmark scores are almost the same for both laptops, too. But since you post was from a couple years ago and my system is slightly different form the M, I’m not sure if I should use exactly the same driver. Nothing like booting up a system with an already-limited 32 GB storage device and finding you only have 16 GB of disk mm1330 available. Again, this does NOT install anything. In comparison, a mechanical 80 GB 1.

XPS M1330 & SATA/AHCI SSD Installation problem

As William Gibson said, the future is already here– it’s just unequally distributed. I have no idea what the Flash Cahce does of it really do anything under Winxp.

Although I wasn’t unhappy with my ASUS W3J laptopwhich I’ve owned for a little over a year now, it was never quite the ultraportable to match my beloved, dearly departed three pound Dell Inspiron M. I found that switching the hard drive interface from AHCI back to standard fixed that problem. I’d like to start off by saying congrats! I’ve only had the machine since Tuesday, so I’m not really in a position to provide a comprehensive review.


My only peeve is that the weight can get up there with the nine-cell battery. After using a machine with a solid-state hard drive for a few days, it’s clear to me that solid-state hard drives are absolutely the future for all laptopsand possibly even for desktops in some scenarios. The guy who typed these instructions up is a friggin genius.

I have to spend some time googling and hunting for the drivers I did what u said and it booted up fine. Everything else is included in the default set of Vista drivers.

TreeSize was always one of my key utilities; on this machine, it’s my new best friend.

I’m not sure if it’s my imagination or not, but the feel of the keys is better too. This is a particularly egregious problem on the 32 GB solid state ahcu drive, because it had a 10 GB “restore” partition, and a 6 GB “media direct” partition pre-installed from the factory.

Results 1 to 13 of On top of all that, it uses almost no power and produces virtually zero noise or heat. Hard drive space is one of those things we stopped worrying about years ago; GB desktop drives and GB laptop drives are dirt cheap.

XPS M & SATA/AHCI SSD Installation problem | NotebookReview

On top of that, your laptop was ahco to use Windows 7, so driver support on Windows XP may be hard to get. I saw this post from several years ago. The Dell XPS M is a monumental step in that it takes the best things from other great ultraportables and combines them into a single entity.


The difference between AHCI and ATA mode is the support of hot-swappable drives irrelevant in notebooksnative command queuing NCQand the use of a flash module as a hard drive cache. It’s not quite the flyweight 3 pound champion the M was, but it’s far more powerful and much more technologically advanced.

It’s also prettier, with its remarkably un-Dell-like svelte, sleek design. It’s more of a sidegrade than a pure upgrade. Kent you are a genius!

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It’s been a while since Dell delivered a laptop that possessed so many awe-inspiring features. Samsung claims the respective read and write performance on the SSD drive have been increased by 20 and 60 percent: I have gotten so used to the low, metronomic rumbling of hard drives when my computers are working that the complete absence of sound in normal operation is rather strange.

One thing I can quantify is that the horrible touchpad arrangement on the W3J, where the sides and bottoms are hard-coded to be scroll areas, thankfully does not exist on the M Size and, well, price is the only thing xpd solid state hard drives from being a no-brainer on laptops.

Do you think that the above instructions will work for me? Way to go, Dell.