You will see a window pop up as shown below. User can choose power value by sliding the bar. Please consult your network administrator for details or check the user manual of the Wireless Access Point. Current channel in use. When the connection failed, [Disconnected] will appear.

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Actual throughput may vary. Click [Add] to add a new profile. When CAM is selected, indicates that the eub-7901ext2 is not in power saving status.

Automatically detect 11b or 11g – Following steps guides you to initially setup a wireless network connection. User can choose power value by sliding the bar.

EnGenius EUB EXT2 – WikiDevi

Check it after making sure the Wireless AP supports it. You could enjoy the racing speed of wireless connection, surf Internet without string of wires. Setting items in the [configuration] tab: Statistic of received frames.


It is essentially no authentication.

When the connection failed, [Disconnected] will appear. When checked, the reception speed will improve. When PSM is selected, the product is in power saving status. Display noise signal strength.


You can also enter the AP manually. Current channel in use. Only select it under Infrastructure network type. IP Address current 6. It extends network coverage by 3 times and boosts transmission throughput 6 times than existing 11g products. Select and double-click [ If the AP has set up the encryption, please setup the same before you click [OK]. Show me other options. Show current transmit rate and receive rate.

Receive signal strength, user can choose to display as percentage or dBm format? Frequency only 11b – When the connection works, [Connected] will appear in the left button of this tab and the icon eb-9701ext2 in front of the linked AP.

EnGenius EUB-9701 EXT2 Wireless N USB Adapter Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Win7, MAC OS Drivers

Click [Reset Counter] to zero the statistic numbers of transmitting and receiving data and start over. Do not discard the packing materials, in case of return; the unit must be shipped back in its original package.


Display transmit and receive throughput value. Setting the [Authentication and Security] Page: Statistic of transmitted frames.

At any time you may press cancel to abort uninstallation. The incredible speed of Wireless-N USB adaptor makes heavy traffic networking activities more flexible and takes the wireless into practical road. The details of network security setting are described below.