You must log in or register to reply here. Improved graphics — you don’t get upscaling, anti-aliasing, or texture filtering on original hardware. Additional features Change disc for multi disc games. So yes using an emulator is not a frustration free thing all the time, and it dose take a little work to get it going even more to set up the looks to personal taste. First off you should probably use the android epsxe forum next time you have an android related question. Accurated and fast software based gpu, including x2 resolution, FXAA shader and optimized with Neon instructions.

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The only thing that should be additionally mentioned is that you should use the “Raw input” Input API option in the LilyPad settings, otherwise key shortcuts for other plugins and the emulator itself won’t be recognized. This should also be used with gamepads Moga devices using moganative 6. Joined Oct 15, Messages 6 Reactions 0 Points 0. I click on the config tab, then the gamepad, then pad 1, then port 1 and nothing happens!

Cheats codes ePSXe supports Gameshark cheat codes builtin.

In the editor screen you can modify the “digital” and the “analog” skin to match your requirements. Joined Mar 14, Messages Reactions 0 Points 0. Memcards and Savestates ePSXe supports saving savestates and memcards. Cheat codes are far far easier in an emulator then with even the gameshark pro the physical unit that attached to the parallel port since emulators can turn siixaxis and off individual codes with out the need for joker commands.


ePSXe + Sixaxis Controller on Galaxy Pad 2

Nor do you need to dig your original hardware out of storage because you want to play that one old game again. It’s a waste of time doing this emulator junk.

In order to get the cheatcodes you can download list of cheatcodes and copy them on your device in the format defined in the configuration section, or you can use the in game option “download cheatcodes”, which will access a big archive of cheatcodes provided by psxdatacenter.

Dbrown New Member Jun 11, Pad Skin Landscape ePSXe includes 6 kind of pads on landscape or no on-screen pad for use with hardware buttons. Joined Jun 11, Messages 8 Reactions 0 Points dpsxe. Touchscreen Gamepad settings 1.

Is there something else I need to do? Forums New posts Trending Search forums. I allready connected my ps3 controller wirelessly to my device, using the sixaxis controller app. You can choose 4: If you don’t own the hardware an emualtor is apprently illegal. Namco Gun and Justifier Sixxis are emulated using the touchscreen. Ironic considering it should be a core part of the emulator.

Reduce wpsxe and tear on rare physical disks that it is getting harder and harder to replace.

ePSXe for Android, wireless ps3 controller not being recognised | Next Generation Emulation Forum

I still sixazis ‘none’ when i see player 1 in the controller section. Sorry, but i am end of tether with this emulator business. Choose None if you don’t want to see the gamepad on screen for example if you are using a external gamepad.


Vibration emulation is limited, it depends on your gamepads drivers, and Android does not supports different actuators or effects. Convenience — Store all of your consoles and games on one physical piece of hardware. Xbox One controller with Crash Team Racing. It supports Android tablets and smartphones and it includes optimized versions for ARM and Intel devices. sxaxis

I have a snakebyte PS3 controller, if that helps. Joined Jan 1, Messages 12 Reactions 0 Points sixxis. All of these are far easier to bring through airport security then 3 or 4 consoles I used to do this and it was a pain.

To answer your question if you are seeing only touchscreen none and moga that means your ps3 controller is not “really” connected to your nexus 7. It is possible to use the digital buttons, and it supports the analog sticks and sixazis triggers.

Can someone give me the steps on how to connect your ps3 wirelessly to epsxe?