For example, for a Linksys router type “http: Disable the DHCP server. Connect the other end of the cord to your cable or DSL modem. Disconnect the Ethernet cable and reconnect it at its permanent location on the LAN. I also made sure if two access points are physically very close to each other the gap between their respective channels is higher than 1. Disable the firewall and set the router type to Router instead of Gateway if that’s an option. Enter the address for the default gateway, which is the local address of the gateway.

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How to Set Up Multiple Routers. Enter this as the DHCP address range. Prepare to Configure 1. Set Up a Wireless Router.

Warning You might be able to plug in, connect and use multiple routers with your network without configuring anything. Connect the other end of the cord to your cable or DSL modem.

Won’t be able to connect via wifi at all and keeps asking me to enter password as if I entered the wrong one, while in fact I did not change any passwords nor settings on my device. Have you pulled the logs and seen what they show?


wireless networking – Linksys E V3 randomly drops connection – Super User

I took a look at them and they make no sense to me. Disconnect the Ethernet cable from the laptop and the router. Super User works best with JavaScript enabled. Set an encryption type of WPA-2 and type a wireless password that devices must use to connect gaateway the network.

How to Set Up Multiple Routers

netwokr Assign the same SSID as the gateway and type the wireless password you assigned. Complete the steps in Section 2 if the router is the gateway.

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Disconnect the Ethernet cable and reconnect it at its permanent location on the LAN.

How to Set Up Multiple Routers |

Sometimes this works, sometimes it would lose connection gzteway within minutes. Small Business – Chron. When this happens I would unplug for secs and plug back in.

Sign up using Facebook. Sign in to the router with the default username and password. For example, type ” I would unplug and plug back in and that usually fixes it Email Required, but never shown.


Post as a guest Name. Enter a new password when prompted to properly secure the gateway’s setup information. However, you will unintentionally establish a different network for each router and will have problems sharing resources and using applications that require designated ports.

For example, use They would be working just fine for many weeks even months, then one day they would each have connectivity problems for the whole day. Strangely this is happening to both units, each of which were bought at very different times years apart. Save your changes, reboot the router and log back in to the router at its new address, for example Which logs should I pull?

Linksys E V3 randomly drops connection Ask Question. Thanks acejavelin for your comment.