Rank Organisation was an entertainment conglomerate founded by Arthur J. Next came G B Kalee. At the same time as removing the set from the OLD Odeon I was asked to quote for the Kalee 20’s in the arts centre which I am sure also had a Duosonic 18 amp connected to the Kalee When Rank discovered the tax dodge that swingeing import duty could be avoided if you were importing a machine with functionality that no machine made in Britain had, of which a 70mm capable projector was one , he was able to import Vic 8s en masse for a fraction of the investment it would have taken to refocus the Kalee division on the shifting market. It has been suggested the demise of Gaumont Kalee was caused by the development of their horizontal Vistavision projector. County Lines drugs gangs targeting Oswestry schoolchildren.

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All times are Central GMT Cinema expert Trevor Harris of Oswestry has delved into an old catalogue to shine light on two rare cinema projectors uncovered at the former Shelton Hospital in Shrewsbury.

Category:Gaumont-Kalee film projectors

Gaumont-British developed or acquired large “super-cinemas” such as the New Victoria later Gaumont and finally Odeon in Bradford opened inthe Gaumont in Manchester opened inand the Gaumont State Cinema in KilburnLondon, opened in This company entry is for Kalee and GB-Kalee brand devices only.

As for the manuals, it would be great if anybody who has them could take the time to scan kaleee and send them to Brad for the warehouse section of this site.


My farther worked for BTH as a cinema engineer then with Westrex. They were discovered while the firm was renovating the Grand Hall. Toronto Ontario Canada Registered: Your explanation gajmont makes a lot of sense. Kershaw produced cinema projectors under the Kalee trade name from the gaumot of K ershaw, ALee ds from the s.

Origin of Rank Xerox. They were mounted in two vertical cabinets with their separate power supplies in the lower half.

Gaumont-British – Wikipedia

K and L series. Passengers dies and 23 in hospital after bus overturns. Cinema exhibition in the UK was characterised by alignments between exhibitors and distributors. Telford shoppers back HMV as axe looms. Retrieved kaler June With ample supply of product, Rank maintained the separate Odeon and Baumont release pattern for many years. They are now in my home theatrette for playing 5. I still have the 5 channel fader, the fader for the effects was in a separate box.

They were type and used two EF86 valves with an input transformer and one for the output which I assume may have been ohms. We had the larger six 30 watt power amplifiers which used six KT66 valves in push pull parallel.

History of the manufacturer

More from Shropshire Star. Amplifier Power Supply They subsequently changed their focus of operation and their interests and shares of engineering companies where sold off dates unknown. Rank Organisation was an entertainment conglomerate founded by Arthur J.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Cinemaccenica connection was to import cheap projectors.

I would always go to see movies at the Plymouth Arts Centre out of choice, simply because the projection and sound was an order of magnitude better than anywhere else in town despite a pretty small screen. This channel included a circuit to filter out the control signal on the effects track when running 4 track stereo on 35 mm.

Less than an hour ago. Gaumont-Kalee was used as a brand by the “Gaumont-Kalee Division” I worked for Rank who owned Odeon and Gaumont cinemas most of which were equipped with Kalee and Duosonic amps. There was no reason to perpetuate the Gaumont name and in towns that lost their Odeon, the Gaumontt was usually renamed Odeon within a couple of years of the latter’s closure. When running 4 track 35mm, connection from the appropriate mag head was achieved by swapping a Kaled plug into another socket to bridge the signal of each channel to the appropriate preamp.

These were mounted in cabinets consisting of four pre amps in a row with access by means of hinged front sections.