Of these, the chipset may be the most useful information. Download the appropriate firmware file from the bcm43xx documentation site. Lacks powersaving, LED support and other features. This article describes the setup of a wifi wireless network device. A litle something I would like to add.

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The driver will be identified on one of the lines starting with Kernel driver in use: Upgraded the firmware to the latest version Had put it away as it had HUGE stability issues that are apparently fixed in the latest firmware Got it all setup.

Do not forget to rebuild the kernel after changing its configuration. Right now, here is what I get if I try to use the proposed conf, with key1 having been replaced by my WEP key. It’s ventoo on the 1st install DVD and named “broadcomxpinstaller. Sun Apr 13, 3: If you get an error message saying “WEP encryption is not enabled for your device” or similar it may be necessary to compile the following into the kernel to ensure that the required cryptographic options are enabled.


Gentoo Portage Overlays – net-wireless/bfwcutter

Note that this article only covers the specifics required for these devices. To install ndiswrapper and broadcom cards onto 2. Mon Apr 28, This article describes the setup of a wifi wireless network device. You can find documentation on these patches on the gentooo website.

Tue Apr 29, 1: Sun May 11, 5: Cut the firmware with: If in doubt, there is a list of the supported cards here: Sat Apr 12, Why have I to use bfwcutter? The monitor mode is only needed for packet injection to be used for aircrack-ng and similar tools.

Although the firmware must be installed because the card shows.

Index of /pub/gentoo-portage/sys-firmware/b43-firmware/

I’ve gone through a lot genfoo grief trying to get these cards to work in various distros, all having to use ndiswrapper, but with the advent of the 2.

The latest version that works with this card is, aircrack-ng 1. This list can be used to identify the proper driver later:.

Next the right set of corresponding kernel options need to be enabled, based on the drivers and hardware detected previously. Assuming you’re now using the kernel with the bcm43xx genttoo in, you can load it with: As my lab specs on it. Depending on your card, you may need the B43 Legacy drivers rather than the B43 drivers.


Gentoo Wiki Archives – B43

If the Windows drivers from your card or laptop manufacturer don’t work, try searching for the pciid on the ndiswrapper wiki.

My current config looks like this Code: The B43 module is definitely a step up from the old BCM43xx one. Thank you for tutorial!! Sun Apr 27, If you compile the cryptographic options as modules, they may not be loaded automatically by the driver. Install the firmware cutter with: You’ll first need to unmask the cutter with: I have a broadcom with integrated bluetooth.