But the subs don’t, and if they did it would make no sense – because then the sub is completely different to what’s actually being said. GG is the biggest troll sub group ever. November 16, at 6: You could always fansub yourself if you want perfect subs for your not-perfect cartoons. Is it negative feelings about the medium itself or the task of translating visual novels compared to anime? I’m all about the commercials they leave in. Think about what exactly it is my reviews focus on:

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This is an eye opener for me. Where do you get anime with Japanese subtitles? You claim he implied that asking for anything more than minimum effort is expecting perfection, whereas I remember him saying explicitly the opposite: Seems like it’s impossible to be a “big” group anymore.

I guess lyger should have joined UTW when he started. Movie 4 As previously announced, there is a 4th movie in this project called Lelouch of the Resurrection. About Failsubs refers to translate fallacies, subtitle jokes or humorous sub animations made by the anime translators.


Fansub Review: [gg] Tokyo Ravens (Episode 03)

Fansubbing really small time stuff. Nyaa was not a particularly relevant or even existent tracker when a.

Yeah, definitely a lot of variety in the population of fansubbers. The code to make a spoiler in a comment or text post body is: Both fansuubs and DS took the bait, and I literally cannot express my vast mirth with words. You may also submit it as a link post.

GG fansubs dropped bakuman – Forums –

I tried ggg it. The more you read and learn and screw up, the more you improve. I think the aim is to watch something that’s good. I almost downloaded the gg release and then was pleasantly surprised upon scrolling down that UTW had released first. The translator who did episodes didn’t know what shirotodotei meant and his translation for that line made like no sense so I asked dear old Google. Actually, you can usually tell by the comments when they post the first episode up, with Aria it’s so obvious they’re sarcastically saying they love it because they’re typing “weeaboo-ish”, that’s one obvious sign they’ll be trolling in the subs.

All fanart posts must be text posts and flaired with the [Fanart] tag. I’ve heard that being a subber ruins the experience of watching anime.


Why simulcasts are killing fansubbing

Better than this IMO and best of the season. Please, forgive my transgression. November 19, at 2: When I was in fansubz and fansubbing, I was living alone and going to g. My standards are not that low. This is the one that might be hardest to get into. Links to sales or products that you do not profit from are OK.

The only people more over-entitled than tsar Presumably, the epilogue from this 3rd recap movie will lead into the events of this new sequel movie. Big thanks to you and your group for all the great subs! List of legal streams and downloads.

They usually have a few versions that hit the major RAW providers, so that the timing issues don’t show up. I hope you will still doing the Aikatsu!

Japan has to make fillers for the commercials. November 13, at 6: