But when it was chosen for what it is, it is happiness. The pickup modelling feature is retained make your humbuckers sound like single-coils and vice versa as are the Learn-a-Lick and Jam-along tools. The kind of friend you might want to hit at times and that this can not happen Image 1 of 2 On the whole, ithe GNX interface is very easy to use. Missing the presence of a microphone preamp DBX.

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I tried the Boss and Zoom in the same price range before buying. Until now critical listening has been the kac for referencing and reproducing amp models. In Stompbox mode, the main footswitches are used like a traditional pedalboard. Its an amp modeling breakthrough that must be heard to be believed.

Digitech GNX 3000 software

All What technology is used? The routing allows to assign the effects to the input line: Similarly, the XLR outputs lack the ground lift and speaker compensation switches; there’s probably a limited market for such details ghx3000 they’d have an impact on price, so it makes sense not to include them on every product in a range. Full patch on the internet not too much tread ect Not satisfied with those reviews? With my acoustic Ibanez also get very nice sounds.

However, we can find a good guitar for clean tones, crunch or distorted at will. I get very easy sound of Vai with everything, I love her, but I would still keep its unique Personal I’ve had with a manual in French, so easy to understand, but nil takes time to capture everything he can do. But do not count too much on the pedals like wah-wah pedals, you will trsdu. Missing the presence of a microphone preamp DBX. Sort by most recent most useful. It was like gnx300 at one frame of msc from a two-hour movie: Special mention for the acoustic guitar simulator.


Write a user review Ask for a user review. What are the effects or types of effects available? Pros Strikes a good balance between versatility and user-friendliness.

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After I had already registered for a little bit of experience of home studio notably with magix so it seemed to me very simple one connects the beast is selected click on a track record of this party as easy as any other recorder pc. Level connectivity is simple but not bad: No Editing sounds and effects is it easy?

Have you tried many other models before buying it? The end result not only sounds like the amp you want it acts like the amp you want whether playing with a soft touch or digging in.

Which instruments do you use? However, such sounds are usually tweaked specifically to sound good in a demo situation and are generally too laden with effects for practical recording and gigging use.


I like the Digitech effects, again I Rasht, but with a different amp bnficier its best quality. What is so special that you like most and least? There are some interesting blends of two amp models ‘Voxtwin’ and the rich, meaty ‘Jumprect’ that work very well, and with more time, we’d relish the chance to try some ,ac our own blending experiments.

Component-Based Modeling captures the entire signal path: The pickup modelling feature is retained make your humbuckers sound like single-coils and vice versa as are the Learn-a-Lick and Jam-along tools. Everything is in the technical details, all the effects are there.

DigiTech GNX Workstation review | MusicRadar

The latest addition to the family is the GNX that features some interesting developments. Le advice I Can you give is that if you have never had a multi-effects at earlier and that you are a little amateur like me when you buy do not buy it because it’s very hard to use voila. This new-found confidence really kicked in with the GNX and Genesis range of modelling units, which took over from the higher end of the RP range as the company’s flagship models.