You must log in or sign up to reply here. These errors can occur randomly, for example due to an unstable program, a blue screen, an unplanned restart when you unplug without turning off the prior computer , I got the result that the hard drive had 2. Virtual Floppy Drive 2. XP Key Reader 2. Run macros, draw objects, generate charts, calculate functions and formulas, reads and writes xls, csv, text, and pxl formats.

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Norton Removal Tool Allows access to defragment a hard disk.

TrID File Identifier 2. Smart Partition Recovery 3. I think it must be because of that.

ClamWin Free Antivirus 0. For information, it is preferable to install Windows on a primary partition.

Hiren Boot CD – Mini Windows Xp

Maxtor Low Level Formatter 1. Also allows you to edit the hosts file hifen redirect certain domain name to an IP address for example block access to a website or another. This is the partition where Windows is installed. Otherwise, Windows may not start.


Hiren’s Boot CD and RAID/SATA drives | [H]ard|Forum

To change the keyboard language, right-click on the “EN” in the system tray next to the system time and click on your language. I had served for six months before losing the partition which is converted to RAW.

Antivirus Free standalone anti-virus and anti-spyware on-demand scanner downloadable. Hard Disk Sentinel 1. This type of CD is mostly used by computer but some features can still be used by individuals. A small window called “Hiren’s BootCD Network Password Recovery 1. XP Key Reader 2. ccd

Can’t see raid drives.

So I had sent to the service and I received a swap disk drive. As you can see from this picture, chkdisk performs many checks. This quick installation of Windows XP is only virtual and doesn’t alter the data on the physical hard disk.

Yes, my password is: Test Hard Disk Drive 1. Manage processes running, delete stubborn files, Can encrypt one or more partitions, By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Allows you to edit text, images, binary files using hex editors, read PDF files, documents I know they are working because if I load windows normally or in safe mode, it works fine until the virus knobbles it. Duplicate File Finder 3. Ultimate Windows Tweaker 2.


How do I do dat den? Used to retrieve product keys also called “serial number”, change or reset passwords for Windows sessions, retrieve words password networksystem, web browsers, e-mail ,routers, It was Windows with GPT support. NT Registry Optimizer 1.