I got a Compaq Presario DV 3 years ago, workked fine for a few months then started having all the problems mentioned. A Public relations blunder is all they have achieved in trying to resolve any of my issues. I just bought a new hard drive for my hp dv I would really appreciate if someone took some time to help me resolve this issue. After reading your post, I called them.

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March 16th, 2.

HP Pavilion Dv9000 OEM Broadcom Bcm94322mc 487330-001 WiFi Card Genuine

I looked at the monitor and it said First off, get your “Start Menu” open. I tried installing bfwcutter and rebooting, but that still broaddom not help.

The problem is with the cooling system not directing enough heat away from sorrounding components resulting in multiple component failure, the wireless card not being recognised by your system is the first symptom that wirepess eventually lead to the computer not even getting past the pre BIOS boot stage. All times are GMT It’s nice to know HP will honor the commitment to fix a known inherent issue like this.


Not sure what to do Thank you for helping me with this problem because without you directing me towards the “device manager” and “network adapter” option I wouldn’t have been able to do this.

[SOLVED] Mint Linux wifi wireless driver for older HP Pavilion AMD Athlon 64 bit laptop ?

Message 4 witeless The problem is the MoBo and HP knew this which is why they have placed an extended limited warranty on it. Your existing battery is not safe so you can get a new one from HP.

HP has a fix that requires you to send it in to them, they will send u a prepaid box and make the repais free of charge. So eventuallly I turned it on by running the razor blade on wiireless first hub on the left and as soon as it turned on I ran it on the other hub the one on the right and it booted right up.

Setting up bfwcutter 1: Setting up firmware-binstaller 1: Thats doesnt work for me. Sorry, I don’t follow If interested, drop me an message and I can email you how to fix it. Akuojo Jun 24, at If using a wifi USB adapter works I’ll post back wlna this thread. I cant find available connections because I cant find them.


March 17th, 7. Hello,I cant tell if my built in mic is working right. Wi-Fi problem in Linux mint in HP pavilion-g6 64 bit. Give the output of the following command: Starting normal installation I have HP dv I dont know what to do, your my last hope.

Please oavilion instructions to Email Id removed for security. You lab help with wireless and the only information you did not provide is the information regarding your wireless hardware. Report Respond to Edi.

This worked for me. Looking at the sticker on the laptop and it actually is a Report Respond to ccfberg.

When it opens click on “Computer Management”.