This allows the printer to serve as an electronic forms cabinet, holding blank forms to be printed when needed. Optional hole-punching kits are available. Same license terms and conditions as designated machine. They are also ideal for distributed environments where they can serve as consolidated printing and copying solutions. Monthly Duty Cycle max. Controls and latches operable with one hand and minimal dexterity.

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Up to infprint ppm. Infoprjnt another example, a user could provide the printer’s email address to a business associate in another company so that a document could be sent directly to the user’s printer – similar to FAX but more efficient and easier to use. Two methods of submitting a print job to the printer are available for Infoprint and Offsetting is only performed for jobs or copies that contain two or more pages. Both printers can meet your volume and cost requirements by offering up to six input trays that hold up to 7, sheets-allowing you to intertwine different colored stock without paying for manual insertion.

Overall, the Infoprint and copier functions are full-featured and easy to use.

Powerful, yet easy to use, all functions of the integrated scanner can be accessed through a large, intuitive touch panel. This custom copier is also a functioning printer just like the IBM Info Print but is smaller in size. The Infoprint and can accept Email jobs for printing. ADF, input tray, infoprijt tray.

Support has been added for user defined print job profiles. An optional Copy Connect Cable may be used to connect two printers together to load balance copy infpprint between two printers. This feature is not available in Japan as the printer shipped in Japan comes with this feature as standard.


The ADRF can scan pages up to 72 ppm 8.

InfoPrint – 85 IPM – Refurbished or Used IBM InfoPrint

When the first-selected tray is refilled, the printer immediately resumes printing from that tray, even if the other linked trays have not become empty. If the IPDS resources are still nifoprint when the original host dialog is resumed, then they do not have to be retransmitted.

The provided drivers and the Job Ticket Composer fully enable selection of all supported media. Send and Save is supported on all operating systems except Macintosh.

The user fills in an entry field on the web page with an internet address or URL of an existing file to be printed. This feature should only be ordered if double byte support is required.

Overview A new Gigabit Ethernet feature is available that enables high-speed data transfers over standard category 5 UTP copper cabling.


It is not always cheap to get a quality copier because the more efficient a printer will sometimes cost more money to buy. Additionally, the printer administrator may configure email addresses for a key operator, supplies operator or service operator to be notified when the printer requires attention.

Want to use your own freight account for shipping? Looking for a tech bargain real soon? Infoprnt following AFP font products are available in resident form as a feature on Infoprint and A network status page is included in Infoprint and The combination of a high-speed digital scanner, a top-notch printer, and exceptional function creates an extremely effective tool for any business.



Pull printing provides a one step method of printing existing documents or forms that are available on many web sites. IPDS printing provides for a cooperative print management system that can help improve error recovery, speed and reliability. Looking for a tech gift that’s not infoprinnt expensive? Some print media, although they may conform to size and weight specifications, may still not perform to your expectations. IPDS is a printer-device datastream that controls printer functions and enables two-way communication between the printer and the printer driver.

If some of the paper is left in the bin when printing resumes, sheets of the current job may be stacked on top of sheets from an earlier job.

Conditions such as paper jams, out-of-paper and service call required will be sent to email addresses selected by the administrator. This option is compatible with all finishing operations. Other company, product, and service names may be trademarks or service marks of others.