They have sort of brought it back – the newer Thinkpads have the blue-tipped trackpoint buttons. I’d probably pay more for a Scrollpoint Pro, but not that much. Internet surfers using this contoured mouse will enjoy increased comfortable and pressure-sensitive scrolling in any direction. When you’re replacing the ScrollPoint LED, ensure the replacement has sufficiently long leads to go inside the spacer. I’ve tried installing the IBM software for both, but “error on page” will not allow me to continue with either installation. See our Sustainability Report.

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Had it for 2 years now, use it every day.

Lenovo 31P7405 Optical 3-button SCROLLPOINT Mouse

I had bim idea these were rare. The next important thing is that the Slate Blue ScrollPoints do have a slightly slower cursor seems to be firmware-related BUT they are able to work with transparent surfaces glass, clear plastic, etc. The ScrollPoint pointing stick is ideal for horizontal and vertical scrolling. Please click ” Kudos ” for Ego Boost!!

They discontinued the more elaborate ScrollPoint III Pro Model 31P as pictured above inpresumably due to the cost of manufacture and little demand. I was able to buy one right before crapovo discontinued them.

However I think it looks nice so I kept it. If you’re going to use a Lenovo board, be warned that some people have reported premature failure with them– most likely due to cold solder joints or prematurely failed capacitors.


Another difference is that the bottom covers are different between the two as well: If you 3-ubtton on the ScrollPoint over a conventional ‘wheel’ mouse and are seeking to increase the performance and capability of your ScrollPoint; there are a few modifications that can help the existing sensor used in these mice.

My 1st mouse quit working, so I ordered a replacement. I wonder how similar the Lenovo ones are If I ever get a chip otpical I will update this section with more information. It can only be obtained used or NOS at this point going forward.

Options by IBM: IBM Optical 3-Button ScrollPoint Mouse — dpi — PS/2 & USB

Message 2 of 4. Reseller prices may vary. It’s impossible to purchase this mouse new unless you can find new old stock. I’m sure there’s a way to get degree scrolling to work though.

Here’s some juicy shots: Additional Information Warranty Information For a copy of applicable product warranties, write to: My 3 button scroll mouse is jouse However, the stark blue doesn’t quite match the translucent “IBM blue” ScrollPoint cap which is very close to lavender. The research document can be read here: Response time will vary depending on the number and nature of calls received.


Metallic Black Depth Metric: Laser mod What separates an “optical” mouse from a “laser” mouse is simply 3-buttoh type of light emitting diode used. Get off my lawn! I miss the Lavender. The dpi optical sensor is more accurate and faster than before.

Options by IBM: IBM Optical 3-Button ScrollPoint Mouse — 800 dpi — PS/2 & USB

Some of my laptops have them and I couldn’t do without them. It is possible to swap parts scrollpoiht the later MBO optical ScrollPoint Pros if you want to convert your optical ScrollPoint Pro to being a different colour, or borrow one of the rubber sides to replace your worn down one.

And Apple just released their “magic” mouse which supports scolling The ScrollPoint does not light optixal for these ones. There are some of the non-Pro’s on ebayI’m wondering if they’d be a good choice of spare mice to keep around for those times you need a decent one in an emergency. Lot of 5 scrollpoint mice on ebay.