Compared to my T60, the touchpad buttons feel much firmer, and have more support from edge to edge. The changes are subtle to the untrained eye, but they are there. When watching XVID encoded movies off the hard drive the 9-cell had an estimated 6 hours and 45 minutes of battery life, drawing 13 watts of power. T – Choose to drain external battery first [Feature Request]. I am going to remove references to your serial number

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Port selection rates average on the T, with 3 USB ports and no digital video output. Compared to my T60, the touchpad buttons feel much firmer, and have more support from edge to edge. Portal was another favorite that worked very well at native resolution, keeping framerates above 40FPS throughout most of the game.

Whites look cleaner, colors look better, backlight is more even, and best of all is bright enough to view in sunshine. The power connection for use with the UltraBay battery remained the same though. Overall r400 panel is easy on the eyes with even light distribution and a wide adjustment range for the LED backlighting. The optical bay connections have changed from the previous generation, moving more towards a SATA wirelesss connector, rendering older drive incompatible.

The touchpad has grown compared to the T61, expanding to the width of the lower touchpad buttons. Plenty of time to cover two full length movies.


The cooling system seemed greatly wkreless over the prior generations, letting the notebook run whisper quiet and very cool to the touch under most circumstances. This notebook was outstanding for day to day use, and had enough power to handle most games around the office to kill some time.

Sometimes I can go for hours stable, other times its every 15 minutes or so that I get a disconnect.

Lenovo ThinkPad T Review

The only thing that would really prevent you from seeing the screen is reflections blinding you from just being outside on a sunny day. You should see a green indicator. Vertical angles are better than average, with a modest sweet spot before colors start to invert and wash out. First clue about this is the optical drive bezel which sports a nice beveled edge.

The 6-cell battery managed 6 hours and 4 hours and 28 minutes respectively. This is so that lenovo can easily identify preconfigured models vs. As much as I could put on it.

Solved: How do I turn on the wireless on my Lenovo T Thinkpad? – Lenovo Community

This helped me too. Another odd trait I noticed was additional flex on the right side of the keyboard, where my T60 is solid as ibj rock, but the T wants to give in just a bit. With the ThinkPad touchpads always being the runts compared to other notebook designs, this change was very welcomed even if they did paint scroll arrows on it.

With all these changes taking place, Lenovo has also managed to keep the notebook looking as classic boring as ever, just how ThinkPad lovers like it. I say most, since gaming did seem to make it run on the high side.


Also, jbm there any unknown devices in device manager? How do I turn 4t00 the wireless on my Lenovo T Thinkpad? Not using the dedicated graphics resulted two hours of additional battery life. Fit and finish are great with most parts, but you still have a good amount of battery wiggle in the back, as well as the cheaper feeling plastic LCD lid.

The keyboard layout has stayed the same, with only very minor changes in the feel of the key presses. I tried Lenovo’s “customer service” number, but have to leave messages that are never returned.

Lenovo Thinkpad T400 wireless problems

The molded plastic panels throughout the notebook feel sturdy, with only mild flex near the card slots. Subject kudos T – Choose to drain external battery first [Feature Request]. This switch can be made on-the-fly without a reboot. In this situation the notebook is only consuming roughly 8. Where can I find windows To find the culprit of this flex, I took apart the notebook and inspected the keyboard area.