Either way, his weekend was run as there was no spare Lotus on offer. Honda as an engine manufacturer Drivers’ titles Constructors’ titles Soon after he had to pit when a fuel tank came loose, dropping him seven places while it was fixed and wet tyres fitted. A real Formula One opportunity came for Schlesser in with Honda. Ickx rounded out the front row, as both he and Amon struggled with their Ferraris and had to rely on Thursday times for qualification.

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The most important support race though, was the running of the annual International Coupe de Vitesse raing F3 cars, which attracted a good number of European F3 stars.

Pike collected second, ahead of Jabouille, Walker and Depailler. He re-emerged just ahead of Stewart. After 34 laps Ickx had extended his lead to 85 seconds over Rodriguez, while Surtees raced into the pits for new goggles after deciding discretion was the better part. The ACN tried to do something about it building a new pit area in Stewart ducked in for wet tyres on lap 24, allowing the impressive Courage by into 4th.

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This page was last schlssser on 7 Decemberat Stewart battles the conditions. It was Ickx’s first victory, Ferrari’s first since Monzaand the last grand prix to be held at the daunting Rouen road circuit, although much of the track can still be driven, a pilgrimage often made by enthusiasts on their way to Le Mans.

Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Statistics

Spectators near the incident suffered minor burns as the magnesium-built car burned fiercely, Schlesser stuck underneath. On the second lap local favourite Schlesser crashed on a downhill straight, his car caught fire and its highly flammable magnesium body burnt with such intensity the flames leapt 15 feet in the air.


Hill finished with a best of 2 minutes, team-mate Oliver a couple of seconds slower. The build-up to the race was dominated by a bitter row involving the Honda team. Soon after he had to pit when a fuel tank came loose, dropping him seven places while it was fixed and wet tyres fitted. Jackie Oliver also had a lucky escape when he slammed his Lotus-Ford into a wall at mph, destroying the car and putting him out of the rest of the weekend.

Practice Much had changed in the four years since the F1 circus had last been to Rouen. In the 1. Honda employed Schlesser as its driver; his first drive in an F1 car having competed in the and German GPs in an F2-spec Matra. After a close win for Honda in Italian Grand Prixin F1 season, the Japanese manufacturer entered 2 cars for grand prix racing. He then got back underway, clearly last.

Mean while, Soichiro Honda——the founder of Honda, was in France on a trade mission that week and, perhaps influenced by his local representatives, he decided to enter the RA under the Honda France banner, with a French driver.

Surtees pronounced it as not ready for racing, and a potential deathtrap. The lack of run-off area was a huge problem; schlesseg mistake would be punished by a frightening trip into the ravine, or an impact with a tree or barrier.

Siffert was already a minute behind at the back, his car had struck clutch problems at the start and his mechanics got him going albeit belatedly. Witnesses stated that they thought his engine had cut out, and the Frenchman ko a passenger as his car slithered up the embankment, overturned, and burst into flames.


A completely different beast schlwsser the RA, the was expected to be the next step towards Honda being a real force in F1.

Jo Schlesser – Wikipedia

This tragedy cast a black cloud over the whole race, and would have far-reaching consequences for both Rouen and the Honda team. Forty-year-old Jo Schlesser, in only his third grand prix, became the 13th fatality in motorsport since the start of the year. Jackie Stewart decided to have just a few laps, his 1m By the finish Ickx was more than two minutes ahead of Surtees with Stewart, still hampered by having to wear a cast to protect his injured wrist, a lap back in third.

When the second RA was built and set to competed at the Italian Grand Prix, John Surtees again refused to drive it, and Honda pull out of the sport at the end of the season.

Ickx’s first victory darkened by Schlesser death

Thursday A very brief minute afternoon session was set aside for the F1 cars on the Thursday, just enough time to get a reasonable time in and if anyone encountered any problems there would be time to fix them. In the next two laps though, Ickx went right away again, opening the lead to 5 seconds from Rodriguez who had managed to get by Surtees into second. Surtees, however, schhlesser having handling difficulties caused by an experimental flying wing, and then he had to pit when a stone smashed his goggles.

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