Internal Machine Items 2 Finisher conveyance unit 1 Finisher knob 4 Writing unit glass cleaning knob 5 Corona wire cleaning knob 1 Finisher knob can be turned to ease removal of mishandled paper in the Finisher. Select the desired erasure mode, then specify the erasure amount. When the current job is finished, the Reserve job starts printing immediately. Contact your service representative if you desire the Rectangular erase mode. Touch Image Shift, then specify the shift amount.

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Original Information Use the platen glass or document feeder pringer position originals to copy. Text Mode Use the Text mode when copying a text original.

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Either Top erasure and Bottom erasure can be selected in combination. Don’t show me this message again.

How to Access the Key Operator Mode The Key Operator is trained to handle all special Key Operator functions that are not accessible to the general user, such as monitoring overall copier activity, machine performance, and service information, modifying machine settings, and controlling user activity, for billing purposes.

Use this function to copy an open book or a ledger sheet onto two 8. Main Body Specifications 18 cpm: Repeating Automatically Or Selecting Repeating Times Repeating Automatically or Selecting Repeating Times Auto Detection mode will automatically set the equal repeat area to the size of the original placed onto the platen glass by activating Non-image area erase.


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Firmly insert the new staple case into the staple cartridge konic aligning the arrow sides of both case and cartridge. Check the current status of the machine. Close the right side door of the main body. The selected key will be highlighted. The Moving Stapler Screen will be displayed while the stapler deeply positioned inside the finisher moves toward the finisher front door.

See the table below for the relation of original size, copy paper size, and selection magnification ratio. The Output Mode popup menu will be displayed. Fixing Unit The internal fixing unit is very hot.

Machine Dimensions These specifications are subject to change without notice. DO NOT open the finisher front door while the Moving Stapler Screen is displayed; otherwise the stapler stops before completing the movement and cannot be reached koncia replace the staple cartridge. To ensure high-quality copying performance and to prevent premature wear or failure of precision parts and components, schedule periodic cleaning and routine adjustments.

In this mode, text is improved in comparison to using the general mode. If 715 Key Operator password is not valid, check with your service repre- sentative. Page 80 Displays the No. A locked Job is indicated by a lock icon The settings of a locked job cannot be changed. Specify the PAGE type and printing position.


Konica Minolta 7135 User Manual

Make new selections, then restart the Job Store operation from step 2. Arrange the mixed size originals as illustrated below.

Page 7 T rouble- Section 5: Enter the telephone number for ordering supplies in the space provided below. Action liable to cause death or serious injury. Page 60 To Specify Desired Copy Size AMS When a copy size is specified on the touch screen, an appropriate reduction or enlargement ratio will be selected automatically according to the original size detected from the RADF or the platen glass.

This setting should not conflict with the Initial setting for Paper Tray. To Copy in 1.

If no cover is desired, proceed to step 6. Displays the current status of the machine for each job. Page 56 When repeating the original placement, press the release lever under the document feeder.