For example, if you enter the number 25, that will give you a label of 2. Do not attempt internal repairs to the printer or battery charger. Turn the printer off and remove the battery cover by sliding it off the base of the unit see Figure 3. If service or repair is needed, contact a qualified Kroy service representative. Your new printer was designed with your needs in mind, and offers many features to make your work easier. When the printer is turned off, all current label text and text attribute settings are saved. Memory backup is provided by a lithium battery.

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Editing Text l2500 Setting Krou Attributes This section explains how to use the F3 Utilities key to specify print attributes for a label. Remove the battery cover by pushing down on the arrow and sliding it krky the base in the direction of the arrow see Figure 3. Remember that the number of lines you can enter on a label depends on the font size you are using see the Table 1 for suggested point sizes.

It has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B computing device pursuant to Subpart J of Part 15 of the FCC Rules, which are designed to provide reasonable protection against such interference in a residential installation. FEED Advances approximately one inch of tape from the printer.

The printer also contains a real-time clock and ten of the most commonly used sets of bar codes. These attributes, as well as their defaults and options, are shown in the following table.


Specifications | Kroy K2500 Thermal Label Printer

You can also externally create labels and print them via an RS connection. They affect the entire page label. Large, bold characters require more power than small ones and will drain the batteries faster. This will turn the Bold attribute back on so that the word “Not” would still be bolded.

Kroy K2500 Label Maker Printer 2504210

You can enter text easily using the keypad, and the special function keys let you perform standard procedures quickly and easily. Although you can enter six lines of text on a label, the screen displays only two lines 16 characters each at a time and shows line numbers. If a problem develops with your Kroy labeling system during or after this warranty period, you krog contact your Kroy dealer or Kroy’s service center.

While holding the printer from the bottom, grab the top portion of the printer and lift it out of the jacket.

The left and right arrow keys move left and right, one option or one character at a time; the up and 8 Using the Printer Keys Using Your Printer down arrow keys move up and down through lines of text, one line at a time.

The position of the cursor when kdoy select a character attribute determines where the attribute takes effect: Do not touch the printhead ceramic or rollers with your fingers.

Kroy K Thermal Label Printer |

Press gently but firmly to seat the card in the slot. Arrow Keys Move the cursor through text without changing it and through options without selecting any. L2500 an asterisk is displayed beside the option, selecting it turns off mirroring. You will hear an audible click whenever a key is depressed except modifier keys. To replace the jacket reverse steps 1 and 2.


Additional fonts are only available with font application cards. Frame Select Frame to draw a frame box around your krky text. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other rights which vary from state to state.

If an asterisk is displayed to the left of the option, selecting it turns auto shut-off back on. Do not expose to high temperatures or high humidity. Press F2, enter your change.

Label text and text attribute settings are saved when you shut off the printer. Select Margin to specify the left and right margins for the label. There are three ways to select options on menus and submenus: If you enter a file name for an already existing file, you will see the following message: The printer provides features that are usually available only in larger printers, yet it is small enough to hold comfortably in one hand.

Valid margins are between 0 and. When 0 the default setting is entered, the label will be the size of the amount of text you have entered. Kroy will pay return UPS ground charges.