I would really appreciate any useful info sent to my mailbox: Sorry, just forgot in my previous message to thank you for the information in this article, and the article about the LG KG Characterized by shock resistance, buffer function and durable service, the housing is made of high quality material can offer dependable protection for your cell phone from daily wear and tear, so that it can ensure the long life of your cell phone. If it’s still not there maybe your network or phone provider has disabled it? Click “Finish” on your computer. Thank you for all the usefull information: Just copy the jad and jar file of the application you want to install to the directory ‘Others’ on the phone.

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Gr8ings from poland, Jake P. Thank you for your effort, your manual is very good.

Hey thanks for all of this. Open the “Start” menu, type “bthprops.

How to Use an LG Phone As a PC Modem | It Still Works

It clearly worked in China I assume he used his SIM card there but maybe it’s something to do with the networks in China and that that particular phone was set up to use the networks there but not the US networks?

You probably find something called browser or web.

On the phone you can bring up Bing or Yahoo to connect to the Internet. Hope you got it up and running OK?

Full Body Housing for LG KE970 Shine – Black

Perhaps some other reader can, otherwise I would suggest the best course is that you ask LG Support in your country. Does anyone know any way around the Java security, or a way to allow certain permissions for given apps?


What do I need to do?

Highlight your LG phone’s name from the list of discovered devices, press “Next,” then select the “Choose a passkey for me” option. My Account Sign in Create account. Plug the usb cable to the phone and to your PC, it should do anything or give any message if it does just cancel it for now. The phone will now begin communicating with your PC computer. This brand new replacement full body housing cover face-plate for your LG KE Shine at an unbelievable price, is the perfect combination of superior protection, unmatched quality and stylish design and is used to replace your broken, damaged, scratched body housing for your LG KE Shine.

Here are the steps I used to use my LG cookie as a modem for mymacbook Running Modfm leopard via bluetooth.

How to Use an LG Phone As a PC Modem

Hopefully I can now work through the problems and get it up and running. Yes it’s annoying, I’ve managed to use the picture ID function to work with some pics but not others, and I’ve not figured out why yet – it’s not the filesize that’s l sure, as even small files I’ve tried don’t necessarily work.

Could you help me please? Lh I don’t like to surf on the net with a mobile phone, otherwise I am using the installed browser.

A Consuming Experience: LG Shine phone: manual, software download

I just got morem lg shine and I want to transfer music from my computer to the phone but the device phone is not picking up. I’ve now finished my detailed step by step howto on transferring music and pics between Shine and computer, including synchronising contacts.


What’s your operating system? Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it?

I have downloaded a Sudoku game http: Than you in advance. WOW you must know just about everything there is to know about these phones – I just got one and actually got one of my own pieces onto it for a ringtone but it is not very loud, I do have the volume turned up all the way – any ideas on how make it louder. Oh, by the way, I sent my first phone as it sometimes needed battery replacement to switch on. I’ve tried a few as you suggested and as you say it’s OK for some Java apps but not others.

Have you any had luck with Opera Mini yourself? Can anyone pls tell me the operating system of this phone. And thanks for the update on Opera Mini too. Merge this question into. But KDPlayer, though it runs, doesnot see my files. After using nokia for the past twelve years with no problems and the same phone during that time, i felt the times was right to change brands and samsung was highly recommended however i am somewhat dissatisfied Apr 23, LG Shine KE Cellular Phone.

Here the link where to get the new USB driver: