Intel Architecture Day. However, the developer hasn’t upgraded it for a long time, and try as I did, I couldn’t get it to recognize all 7 of Logitech’s buttons. Octave , Nov 12, I’d be annoyed to have to switch to something more traditional. You must log in or sign up to reply here. I use a logitech M90 for two years, no problem in Monodevelop.

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Nov 8, Posts: Logitech doesnt support OSX for the MX, and although the mouse ‘works’ somewhat, it doesnt all work. Oct 19, Posts: Two years and still going.

MX + OSX | [H]ard|Forum

No I’m not a fanboy, they just really make good stuff Jun 4, Posts: I’d be annoyed to have to switch to something more traditional. Posted on Apr 2, 7: ThreepwoodJul 30, I started using it when it came llogitech, and have never once looked back.


Now I just use a cheap Logitech M Also, it’s critical to buy and use SteerMouse. Eric5h5Jul 31, Apr 15, Posts: Deleted UserJul 30, But it is unfortunate they don’t provide full Mac functionality on their higher-end product.

Since the and the are nearly the same, I wonder if there’s some way to get the LCC to recognize it as a Back to Logitech, I do like their stuff and they’ve generally been good about Mac compatability.

How do one adjust button settings for Logitech MX518?

JamesLeeNZJul 29, So do you have a recommendation for a good 3 button mouse that works on Mac? Nov 15, Posts: Aug 29, Posts: So i unplug and replug and it works again well, except for 1 Anyone know how to fix either of these probs without getting a different mouse?

The fact ks third parties have far better support for their hardware in both windows and os x is crazy! Sometime during the frustrating accounts process I gave it the bash and as a result the middle mouse no longer worked and now I need to find a replacement, ideally something that works a lot better.


MX518 + OSX

For those interested, I’ve got a bit of an update on the ongoing support ticket with Logitech regarding my Gs mouse details above. Its got a aggregated rating of 9.

I got burned bad with a whole-system freezing issue s Mavericks when switching applications with their default drivers. Forums The Forum is sponsored by. I went back to 3d modelling and noticed that I’d always put up with this, hand often tensed up, battling the mouse to go exactly where I want it to.

KrygerJul 27, Compare the two pages above. Oct 3, Mz518 I think Logitech mice are the best out there, especially if you are a fan of shortcuts.