Magellan SporTrak Map Handheld 23 product ratings 4. The SporTrak Map comes with 9 customisable screens which show. This helps you get the most out of your limited GPS storage space. Your SporTrak Map GPS receiver is an indispensable navigation companion when hiking, biking, boating, hunting, fishing or on any outdoor adventure. The scale changes based on the speed of travel.

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It is very functional and clear, but only black and white and not very big. Choose from 12 built-in coordinate systems and 76 datums. Insert an additional waypoint into your route. According to the specs, WAAS accuracy is less than 3 meters 10 feet.

Provided I marked a waypoint at each turn, the distance counted down to that turn.

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PC cable is difficult to attach. Battery compartment has new eye screw for locking battery compartment.

ExpertGPS lets you get the most out of the waypoints on your Magellan SporTrak Map by making it easy to assign the best symbol and to give each waypoint a long, meaningful name using a real keyboard, not the little controls on your GPS. The aditional 6mb gives you greater scope of using MapSend data downloaded to the SporTrak Map to enhance the detail of the onboard maps.

Also because it is an outdoor use type of GPS, which also can be used in the car. Upload waypoints, routes, and sportrrak to your GPS and print a matching map out to take with you into the field.


Above the road is a compass that displays your heading and above that are four customizable data fields. The TTFF out of the box was a respectable 1 minute and 51 seconds. Since it doen’t use a back light,the batteries last longer than back light GPS. But after having a problem with with an E-Trex unit, and finding out that they don’t even repair them.

The SporTrak range are small, rugged, built to last and are for the serious map navigators in mind. It has 6 MB free memory for downloading street-level maps and seven large graphic navigation displays.

The Map screen has two modes, position or cursor.

I have a few gps, but this one has several features not found on my other units. ExpertGPS can create geo-referenced waypoints for your report from each photo you took along the way, and attach your photos to each waypoint it creates.

Waypoints on the Magellan SporTrak Map can contain up to 8 characters. Calculate area by marking GPS waypoints at sportrka corners of a field or parcel.

This ability to toggle back-and-forth between several views of your GPS data is unique to ExpertGPS, and is one of its most popular features. Press “Enter” to select. sportfak

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Features Powerful 12 parallel-channel receiver WAAS enabled for up to 3 meter accuracy Quadifiler Helix antenna for superior tracking in harsh environments 2MB North American basemap of roads, waterways, parks, airports and more 6MB of magellna memory for additional detailed map downloads 9 key keypad on front face for quick and easy access to software Large display for easy map readability Rugged, waterproof design that floats Mqp software including 7 navigation screens Box Contains: This page updated For what I do this unit is fine, and I couldn’t beat the price.


This helps you get the most out of your limited GPS storage space.

The customizable displays show a map, compass, speedometer, and text readouts of heading, bearing, speed, direction, ETA, and more. In the Cursor mode, you are provided with a cursor that can be moved on the map.

The receivers get better and faster as maps get more intricate.

As this Magellan GPS is preloaded with detailed map of North America, you can accurately find your way to restaurants, hotels, entertainment venues, gas stations and ATMs with ease.

The back cover is different compared to the Meridian range as the back cover doesn’t actually come apart.

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MapSend is currently available seven different flavours: Transfer sportrao back to your Magellan SporTrak Map with a single click. We’ve collected dozens of tips and tricks designed to save you time and money when mapping with your Magellan SporTrak Map. At walking speed, the estimated position error was usually about 40 – 60 feet unless it was receiving WAAS.