Do you wire them all up similarly? I think you have the wrong mental model. Robin2 on Oct 30, , The specifications say the coil resistance is 4. JimboZA, that looks very useful. I see nothing in the datasheet you provided to make me think there is anything unusual about the motor.

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Mitsumi Stepping Motor M49sp-2k With Board and Gears Taken From a Xerox M20i | eBay

Or do they vary wildly in the way you have to wire them up? The Pololu A driver may well mltsumi suitable and if you look that up you should see wiring details.

I see nothing in the datasheet m49p-2k provided to make me think there is anything unusual about the motor. Mitsumi M49SP-2K stepper motor. If I’m honest I don’t know the answer to your questions. However I would recommend the OP uses the A driver or some similar driver specifically for stepper motors rather than the L There are only two separate circuits but they are wound as several coils.

I think they are all essentially the same.

Can some one point me in the direction of a good tutorial that explains how to use one of these. If you wish you can think of one of each pair of wires being ground and the other power.


Do you wire them all up similarly?

As far as I know many stepper motors specify the voltage that gives the permitted current – in which case this would be described as a 4.

Mitzumi times previous topic – next topic. I salvaged it from a photocopier printer. I reckon you haven’t looked at the Wikipedia article.

Mitsumi Stepping Motor M49sp-2k With Board and Gears Taken From a Xerox M20i

Johannesburg hams call me: You can see the whole chip, but the upper part, with the white plastic connector for four wires has broken off. Measure the resistance at the pairs of terminals.

So, I am left with the 8 soldering points, instead of the usual 4 wires, that you can plug in. Conversely, the max current of 1 Amp could be achieved with 4.

Mitsumi M49sp-2k LF Rk2-1367 01 7.5stepping Motor

But you don’t connect the two “ground” wires together or the jitsumi power wires. Using Ohm’s law that would suggest a current, at 24V of 5. By energizing them in the right order the rotor which is a permanent magnet moves.

Robin2 Brattain Member Posts: Of course, even so, one would drive it at a higher voltage with a current limiting driver board such as the Pololu A Robin2 on Oct 29, I know it is 24V and has 4 wires but I have the faintest idea how to wire it up with an arduino.


Effective current limiting with transistors or mosfets would be complex unless you are familiar with that sort of stuff. Wikipedia has a good explanation.

Images from Reply 13 so we don’t have to download them. Robin2 on Oct 30, It’s going to be hard to help if you mitaumi the datasheet secret. There is no intelligence or logic inside the motor any more than there is in a regular DC motor – just coils and magnets.

Mitsumi M49sp-2k LF Rk 01 stepping Motor | eBay

In some circumstances it is necessary to “reverse” the connections to one or other of the coils so the electromagnets work against each other. With four wires there is usually one pair for each coil – checking the resistance mitsu,i be able to identify the pairs.

You will need some sort of interface between the Arduino and the motor because the Arduino can’t supply enough current or 24V.