Click on the images to view a higher resolution. Have you read the manual? Jeff on July 18, at 8: Thanks for the walkthrough, really helped me on my project. If I write a good post, then I have been good for nothing. Thanks for your sharing!

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Copying code is not the same as learning to design. Do not post a new topic lcc question on someone else’s thread, start a new thread! I tried this tutorial with the ML board. To achieve the required signal timing, the application contains a delay function that uses the Timer peripheral.

ML505 Tutorials and Examples

And if you want to stray off the Xilinx website, there’s this. Now I have some question about EDK 1 in the xps ,we when design the project using the c language,and can we use modelsim to simulate it with verilog 2 from the xilinx officialwe find it can not offter examples code in Ml05 and SDK ,if we learn continue, how learn? I have followed your steps to create it because I am using ISE Edesom on August 28, at 2: Can you find the manual?


Aborting flow execution… make: Of course you shouldn’t have to write your own controller code! Do not post the same question on multiple forums. I am looking for a controller for the LCD.

Controller for LCD in ML board (which has Virte – Community Forums

They are shown with pin description, pin name from the LCD datasheet, and the net name from the ML schematic. The specified design element actually exists in the original design. So, I used the design in the second post that was provided by a user. I am not paid for cld posts.

Maybe because I am using ISE The signal timing requirements of the LCD will be achieved by using a Timer peripheral. Please upgrade to a Xilinx.

Microblaze 16Ă—2 LCD Driver

Hi again, for part 1, I figured out that XPS could nt handle the alias u chose, i. You can also download the project files here on GitHub.

Yohila on July ml5505, at Click on the images to view a higher resolution. I have been learning the edk for some time. For use with ethernet cores have a look at https: Emily on October 27, at 5: Yes, you can simulate in modelsim.


Wei on September 26, at 4: I will try this butI think making a lcd drive using arduino is a lot easier and cheaper than by using ml50x board. Jeff on September 1, at 9: Without a board, it will be hard to verify your designs, but you can still learn by simulating your work. All forum ,l505 Previous Topic Next Topic. I tried to run your tutorial lcx XUPV5-LXT, I followed all the steps as you suggested and build the project that was fine, now when I want to generate the bitstream or to use the serial interface to program the lcf I get an Error indicating all the constraints relating to LCD pin numbers are not valid.

Khaled on July 24, at 1: The main function of the software application will provide a simple example of how to clear the display, write a message on the LCD and to change the cursor location.