Pleasantly Surprised by Ouija: Origin of Evil

Just so that you know – I didn’t write this. I just reblogged it. It’s good.

origin-of-evil-1 Photo Credit – Ouija

I must confess: I adore seeing a newly released horror movie on a late October Friday night.  It’s one of those macabrely sweet traditions that makes fall even more worth loving.  So I was positively elated when I checked my local cinema’s schedule and found that Ouija: Origin of Evil was coming out Friday evening.  Okay, pause, scratch that.  Edit verbiage.  I wasn’t positively elated.  I was somewhat appreciative of an October horror movie release, but I wasn’t expecting a glistening performance.  I mean, have you seen the first Ouija?  If you haven’t, don’t bother.  It was a cheesy Blumhouse bust (and, in general, I’m a fan of Blumhouse films).  When Michael and I saw the first Ouija in theaters two years ago on Halloween night, our town experienced a sudden, broad-scale power outage that forced us to leave the movie before it was over.  We…

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