William Peter Blatty ‘The Exorcist’ Review

Good review of a classic horror novel

Horror Novel Reviews

Written by: David Blackthorn

Every genre has definitive works that set a standard.  For twenty first century horror, The Exorcist is one of these definitive works.  Anyone who enjoyed the movie should take the time to read the book which preceded it.  The depth of the novel surpasses the film.  The story line goes further, has more characters and sheds light on some things missing from the screenplay.  This is not at all unusual, the books are usually more thorough.

So, what can be said about William Peter Blatty’s novel of a demon possessed girl?  The story is disturbing and stays with you after you’re finished.  Isn’t that what we look for in a horror novel?  If it has a shocking impact, then the writer has done their job and done it well.  Blatty does that with The Exorcist and does it very well.

The characters are very well developed, better than the movie.  Father Damien Karris, battling his crisis…

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