Amazon unlimited

I recently signed up for Amazon unlimited. It was the  months free subscription that got my attention. You may have noticed that I have been a little bit manic this past month. And I’ve been devouring books about digital marketing. The trouble with these books is that the writers promote them fiercely and tell you that the best thing since sliced bread. The their book is the one that’s going to give you all the secrets that will help you break through. Before reading them you can’t really judge. Many of them have hundreds of positive reviews and that might be genuine or it might actually be because they’ve paid people or influenced people to write a good review.

I’m going to reserve this blog here by the way from my thoughts about writing while my WordPress blog is the one I’m going to use for thoughts about the macabre bra (I left that dictation error in because I thought it was funny) and ghosts and alchemy and magic and haunted places.

Anyway, I was looking at all of these apparently indispensable books and thinking these books are going for $4.99 each. And there are lots of them!

And then Amazons advert caught my eye-and that’s what Amazon is really good at. Amazon unlimited is the answer-it’s £7.99 for a month but the first month it’s a free trial. You can have 10 books out at any time and this allows me to get any book out then I want andmost of these books on marketing and writing are actually in Amazon unlimited. 

I’ve also picked up a lot of criticism from writers about Amazon unlimited. Apparently they pay you half a cent  per page read so on average writers are earning half as much as they would from lending a book out compared to selling it. And a lot of advice from writers has been to  avoid Amazon unlimited. I can see this from a writer’s point of view however I think subscription services certainly have a large part to play in the future development of reading. So like it or lump it, I think we stuck with subscription services such as Amazon unlimited. That’s the view from the writer’s point of view however from the readers point of view  I think it’s wholly positive.

So I’ve been able to go through the books at great speed both  the good ones and bad ones. To be honest there are many that I wouldn’t have bought but when I read them I found I have some very useful information in them. I would never have got to see that without Amazon unlimited. Simply because I wouldn’t of shelled out 5 pounds for the privilege of seeing whether this was trash or valuable.

So I think it’s a good deal. You can actually get out a ton of books in your first free month without paying a penny and read what would’ve cost you a whole lot of money. So I would recommend that you sign up for Amazon unlimited and read as many books as you want for the first month and then if you don’t like it you simply cancel your subscription

You could even read my books!

And guess what I dictated this whole piece was sitting in the car by the side of a busy road. That’s not bad is it?

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