Five London Horror Stories

Two of my favourite monsters included here


Happy Halloween. In the spirit of Halloween I will give you five horror stories and urban legends from old  London town. Enjoy!

1) 50 Berkley Square

50 Berkley Square is the most haunted houses in London. Berkley Square itself has an interesting history, Robert Clive the man who won India for the British Empire lived in the square, as did one of Briton’s most famous Prime Minister’s Winston Churchill. Another Prime Minister, the lesser known George Canning lived at number fifty and reported hearing strange noises around the house.

50-berkley-square The exterior of 50 Berkley Square

The first death was a girl called Adeline. She died jumping from the attic window in an attempt to escape her abusive uncle. A ghost reacting Adeline’s death was witnessed by more than fifty people during the following years.

In 1872, the house attracted the interest of Lord Lyttleton who stayed the night in the attic to stop the rumors of ghosts. Despite being sceptical Lord…

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