Romanian illegal immigrant smuggles himself into UK – in a coffin!

We all know that the secret to a book deal is getting your query pin sharp. The Queen of Query is Janet Reid aka The Query Shark – @QueryShark on Twitter. My queries still don’t seem to hit the mark, so I thought I’d practice on you by doing queries for 5 classic horror novels.


Undead aristocrat seeks real estate in London, but he has trouble staking his claim.



The Exorcist

Famous mommy neglects her family, and then finds a bad crowd have moved into her daughter.


Falling Angel

Johnny wakes up not remembering the things he did the night before. Then he discovers it involved chickens.



Mrs De Winter gets jealous of her husband’s other woman – the trouble is the other woman is dead.




House of Leaves

A couple buy an old house to redesign, but they never counted on the house redesigning them.



Can you do better? I challenge you!





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