A strange replacement

The Curious Fortean

It’s not hard to find information about this case, for who wants to know more. It is one of the most peculiar cases of displacement of a soul, to be replaced by somebody else’s in the vacant body.

I’m talking about the 16 year old Hungarian teenager Iris Farczady, who became severely ill in 1933. If she fell into a coma or really died for a very short moment nobody knows. Fact is that she woke up the next morning as a Spanish woman, and never became Iris again.

We regularly hear about people waking up with a strange accent, or speaking a foreign language they never spoke fluently before. Psychologists say this is a brain thing, although they can’t explain it either.

In parapsychological literature there are all kinds of cases of people who become temporarily someone else, suffering from Multiple Personality Syndrome, or undergoing an exchange for…

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