The Necronomicon

Part of the universe by author Mark David


Part of by author Mark David: Twitter @authorMarkDavid


is the English translation of an original codex of esoteric literature by the “Mad Arab” Abdul Jafari Alhazred, known as the Kitab al-Azif, an Arabic word defined as “that nocturnal sound (made by insects) supposed to be the howling of demons.”  From:`Azīf (عزيف) as “whistling (of the wind); weird sound or noise”, where the tradition of `azif al jinn (عزيف الجن) is linked to the phenomenon ofsinging sand, the sound of the shifting dunes of the desert that was believed to represent the sound made by the spirits of the underworld when manifested in underground places of the deep.

The first copy to be recovered by Archaeologist Joachim Agard, later to become the Sufi mystic Ikim Agár, was one of the older versions written in Latin, translated from the Greek, itself translated from the original…

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