Taking a stab in the dark, I would guess that the portion of the drivers for the functions on the PCI board i. Latency when it works almost zero. Of course, that just means more for the all-important drawer of unused tech things. Aug 16, Posts: Besides, it supports the Sensaura algorithms so that you can use the card in games. When you press a button on the remote, a small note at the top of the screen shows what you pressed, as well as its function in the current context.

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Taking a stab in the dark, I would guess that the portion of the drivers for the functions on the PCI board i.

In addition, the software for the remote more on it later had a tendency to crash my system when trying to exit or minimize it. Up to 9 programs can be activated directly using the remote, although you can have any number of profiles stored.

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The software comes with several built-in settings for various programs mostly of the media player persuasion but editing or creating new profiles for programs is very intuitive. Taking the microphone voice: Both of aufeon occured with the shipping drivers. Currently I have a TB Catalina in the box.


Once I had everything laid out I was kinda surprised by how much stuff was there I wouldn’t need! The first songs i played sounded like they werent the same as on my old SB Live platinum. Apr 26, Posts: The Universe is supposed to detect the frequency of whatever it is currently playing and thus, if all the currently playing sounds have the same frequency, avoid needing to resample anything. Way more nuanced and clear sounding with much better definition.

One, its control panel crapplet refused to let me select between optical and coax input for digital – further investigation showed that it was ignoring the digital input completely, as if unoverse didn’t exist. Phones by Jessica Dolcourt Dec 10, We also compared sound quality of the headphones in games for the Audigy2 and Aureon 7. Excuse me, but it’s not for lack of any misconfigured I spent a few hours! Mar 21, Posts: Aphasia Ars Tribunus Angusticlavius Tribus: Tue Jun 15, 9: The crude measurements the Internet is overfilled with now, with wrong settings and without a reference card, can be a tool of fanatic manipulations and may confuse inexperienced users.

At the moment of testing we used drivers v5. Also, the remote control hardware will never be as good as its software could make it.

Terratec Aureon Universe Problem

It varied a bit depending on where I was in the world. Phones by Shara Tibken Dec 5, On the Speaker ahreon you can select a speaker set configuration. OK, so a piece of hardware can live or die in this arena, and with the most recent drivers it is a mixed bag, with some very good features and some frustrating strangeness. I have it coupled to my Home theatre via a 20meter optical cable which is one of the reasons i choose this card, it has optical in out on the card itselfand to a Videologic Sirocco Crossfire system 4.


The length of time this is displayed can be adjusted, although unfortunately not in the fractions of seconds range. Forcing reboot sometimes several times for the sound. If I learn anything from them I’ll be sure to post it. I’m looking at either the Aureon 7. A small sound is also played when you hit a button, which I don’t believe can be disabled easily.

But it seems probable to aureln that this is intended to be a unified driver set for their Envy24HT cards once some of the weirder kinks get worked out of the Universe.

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