I really doubt the final accuracy of the temperature reading as it is only measuring the temperature of the heated air blown to it from the heatsink. Although I really do not see the logic, but some still argue that they only managed to overclock at 1. Overall Rating Out of a maximum of 5 Star. At the normal 2. This confirms one thing, that the modem is actually very closely tied to the sound chipset.

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Although the audio could be diasbled by a jumper, there is still one slot less, making it cmi338 for those who own a multitude of PCI cards.

On the other hand, I was expecting it to be unstable, but was surprised to find it untrue. Anyway, its an almost useless feature.

Windows 98 Second Edition cmo8338 4. However, this pdi chip allows the use of 4 speaker output for realistic 3D positional sound. Firstly, let’s talk about the design of the motherboard. Now getting the card turned out to be the easy part, compared to getting it to work. To give you a better view of how the card looks like, here are some pictures which I snapped during the review.

I must applaud ECS in choosing to listen to user’s constructive sometimes insulting criticisms. I really don’t know how serious that is, but knowing that something isn’t sitting properly makes me feel uneasy already.


I had no other choice but to bend the capacitor in order to push the connector in.

Elitegroup Computer Systems Elite CMI 8338/PCI Audio Driver

Well, at first look, one would not notice much difference. I was quite impressed by the fact that it could do 3D positional audio.

I had bought another 1. Another important feature is the overclockability of the motherboard. Thanks go to Sulo Kallas for that tip. This really shows that faster isn’t always better. The board is still not the perfect board even after the numerous changes. Most overclockers would be delighted to know that the CPU core voltage could actually be increased freely, meaning there’s no limit to how much voltage you can set unlike the Microstar MS, where the voltage setting would be limited to only 2.

Good for most users with little demands.

ECS CMI8338/C3DX PCI Audio Device Free Driver Download

I think it is not very safe to have all the voltage settings enabled. Quantum Fireball TM 2. This is the kind of thing you’d use if you ever wanted to connect MiniDisc or DAT to your computer to make digital transfers.

After reading the electronic manual in the CD-ROM, I discovered that the Line In the center blue coloured jack could be used as the rear speaker output. I then manually forced IRQ I do not know whether the hardware monitor is wrong or the board is actually supplying a higher voltage.


Elitegroup P6BXT-A+ Motherboard

For those of you who walk the same path – the optical upgrade that I received pcci not even resemble tho one pictured on a box. I kept wondering where the rear speaker output was, as it was not written anywhere.

At first, I had difficulty plugging it in, until I noticed that one of the capacitors was actually built very close to the connector. Damn foolish, but I was sooo eager to try it out. In fact, it was so cool that I played almost two hours, and was blown off to bits and elitw countless times.

Windows 98 Bus Mastering Drivers.

— Singapore Hardware Zone — Reviews — Motherboards — ECS P6BXT-A+ Rev. C

Anyway, this seems to be a very attractive feature, and most overclockers would surely want to use this baby to fry their chip. I am certainly glad that ECS took some of my criticisms in the last review seriously. Here, we see that ECS have taken my criticisms seriously and has replaced the capacitor with a smaller capacitor, both in dimension and value.