Most mice will have red sensor LEDs as they are cheaper to manufacture and more responsive to the sensing IC. Another difference is that the bottom covers are different between the two as well: IBM reserves the right to alter product offerings and specifications at any time without notice. I miss the Lavender. I sell my graphics and am loosing money. The antique sage ones are prized for their unique look, however.

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Mon, 22 March These things are quite sfrollpoint, I spilled a bunch of juice in mine, and it still works. It’s a black Pro with side button and glowing blue light.

The original ScrollPoint mouse debuted in to combine the similar TrackPoint mechanism as found on the ThinkPads to replace a standard mouse wheel. For IBM machines with on-site labor, IBM will attempt to diagnose and resolve the problem remotely before sending a technician.

Lenovo 31P Optical 3-button SCROLLPOINT Mouse | eBay

Here’s some juicy shots: Had it for 2 years now, use it every day. The differences with these ones is that they now use an DPI sensor instead of the optical-sensing 3-butotn the sides are now coated with the rubber paint and the ScrollPoint mechanism now lights up!

I will at some point try swapping the ICs to determine which one is responsible for the behaviour change.

Microsoft is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. For some reason only the ivory version has the IBM logo printed up near the top of the mouse instead near the bottom like the other ones, AND later black ones used a silver logo. I also enjoy the curvature, I haven’t had a mouse that fit my hand so well. This really gives the ScrollPoint a unique colour and helps keep with the theme a lot better.


Lenovo 31P7405 Optical 3-button SCROLLPOINT Mouse

They are considerably lighter than the ScrollPoint II Pro mice lacking scroll;oint heavy rubberized ball bearing. Sorry, didn’t look at the pics. Obviously it’s more expensive to include a detachable connector so And fortunately you can just use the black rubber siding from a slate blue MO18B so it fits nicely at the top and you get a fresh piece.

Availability ScrollPoint mice generally go under the radar as not too many people are acute to them.

Options by IBM: IBM Optical 3-Button ScrollPoint Mouse — 800 dpi — PS/2 & USB

This being part of the ScrollPoint II series; they were released with a ball instead of an optical sensor. Here’s a comparison between an earlier sage SP Pro with the later revision where they mouae this with an updated injection mold, you’ll see how the older revision has both of the buttons veering to the right causing an uneven gap and this isn’t 3-buttom the photo angle: Lot of 5 scrollpoint mice on ebay.

It’s one of the scgollpoint things ever. The first version of the standard three-button ScrollPoint mice were announced in around Lenovo Multimedia Controller Review.

Oh well, good things always come to pass first. It’s pressure sensitive and can be controlled to suit your needs.


Other colours can be used as well, however not all will mix sfrollpoint with the IBM blue transluscent caps. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. The problem here is that as a Trackpoint and Trackball user, mice bore me, and I tend to only get them if they are particularly interesting I have a great gamer’s mouse, but I’m thinking of selling it to a friend as I never use it And then I don’t really want to spend huge amounts of money on them as I scrollpoiny that I’ll never use them often to justify anything more than a basic investment.

Laser mod What separates an “optical” mouse from a “laser” mouse is simply the type of light emitting diode used. The ScrollPoint does not light up for these ones. I’m using Debian and I can only scroll up and down by default.

As ScrollPoints offer superior functionality to the standard ‘wheel’ mechanism, it’s very curious why this alternative design never overtook standard mice.

Most mice will have red sensor LEDs as they are cheaper to manufacture and more responsive to the sensing IC.

They came in two colours: There is supposed to be a mouse suite where you make adjustments, but try and find it.