We’ll be focusing on the section containing the “Read Multiple Points ” Node. It simplifies the test process itself by eliminating many of the complex synchronization and connection issues associated with using multiple instruments. Right click terminals and choose Create control to create a control wired to that terminal. Then wire together the error out terminal of the Write Delimited Spreadsheet Node to the error in terminal of the Close Node. Learn more about our privacy policy. To provide the throughput demanded by production applications, the SourceMeter SMU instrument offers many built-in features that allow it to run complex test sequences without computer control or GPIB communications slowing things down. By linking source and measurement circuitry in a single unit, the C offers a variety of advantages over systems configured with separate source and measurement instruments.

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If you select the device, you can 24400 additional properties, such as the device name, as well as any software or drivers that are installed on your system to support this device.

Back to Top 7. Create some extra space here 244 holding Ctrl while clicking and dragging your mouse to the right on the Diagram. Rename this indicator “New File Path”. Other capabilities of the interface include:.

Delete the purple Instrument and yellow Error wire connecting the Configure Measurement node and Configure Output node by selecting both wires and pressing the Delete key.

Rename the control “File Name”. NI system SMUs combine power, precision, and speed into a single instrument. Data Sheet KB. Find the section of the Diagram between the third Configure Measurement node and the Configure Output node.


Unique 6-Wire Ohms Technique SourceMeter SMU instruments can make standard 4-wire, split Kelvin, and 6-wire, guarded ohms measurements and can be keith,ey for either the constant current or constant voltage method.

Keithley SourceMeter – Instrument Driver – National Instruments

Drop down all of the indicators and controls from the Unplaced Items box onto the Panel. Both the current and voltage source are programmable with readback to help maximize device measurement integrity. Delete the yellow “Error” wire between the two. Before running the VI type in the desired file name. View Cart My Account Wire together the Voltage values so meithley they feed into the Signal terminal of the Histogram Node.

Serial instruments are not visible in MAX or the Hardware tab. Select the center of the graph and change the plot type by selecting Bar in the Plots section of the Configuration Pane.

Back to Top 2. If the readback reaches a programmed compliance limit, then the source is clamped at the limit, providing fault protection.

Keithley 2440

It sources voltage or current while making measurements without needing to change connections. The combination of power and precision allows you to use the same instrument for both high power sweeps and low current measurements; while the addition of a high-speed update rate and sampling rate allow you to use the instrument in non-traditional ways, such as generating and measuring a waveform.

Expand the Build Array Node to add an extra terminal by dragging down with the mouse after seeing the expansion cursor appear on the bottom of the Node.

The power source characteristics include low noise, precision, and readback. Connect the Signal terminal at the top left of the Histogram Node and connect it to the voltage wire.


Manufacturers of components and modules for the communications, semiconductor, computer, automotive, and medical industries will find the C invaluable for a wide range of characterization and production test applications. Reposition keithely on the Diagram for Configure Output and Enable Output nodes to make room for extra controls. Wire together the path with new extension terminal kfithley the top right of the Replace File Extension Node to the file terminal on the top left of the Write Delimited Spreadsheet Node.

For example, it provides ketihley test times by reducing GPIB traffic and simplifies the remote programming interface. These modules also include traditional SMU features such as output disconnect relays to isolate the instrument from your circuit, remote sense to compensate for lead drop, and guard to minimize leakage current in small signals.

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Done on a log scale with a specified number of steps per decade. We want users to be able to choose to have the Auto Zero enabled, disabled, or run immediately so we will create a Control at the Autozero terminal. This tool automatically detects USB hardware connected to your host PC and adds a graphical representation to the window. Place all new controls on the Panel by selecting the Unplaced items box and placing each onto the Panel.